In 2012 the Soundtrack and Trailer Music company Synthphonia was created by two Polish composer, Christopher Kus and Michael Riske. After they had released their first album in April 2013, they have now made their new compositions available to the public on Bandcamp (Itunes will follow shortly) which I will review here now.

As Christopher Kus told us, they have loved songs like Friendship to last from Two Steps From Hell or some Globus songs for a long time. That was the source of inspiration for some vocaltracks which are featured on the new album Uncharted. But even though they referred to those tracks, their songs stayed original and with a fresh arrangement. The album holds 19 tracks which reflect different styles and emotions. In relation to their previous album Christopher Kus told us, that this album is more „thematic“ than their Sky Pillar album. And it’s not only more thematic, but you can find more tracks which are written in this well know epic trailer-style than before.

For Uncharted, Synthphonia has teamed up with the vocalist Monika Emat. She is featured in 3 tracks (Asylum, Step Behind, Wrath of The Universe) which are forming the high points of the album. Generally the tracks reach from action tracks with heavy synth percussions to classical piano music, even though the piano music isn’t so strongly featured as it was in Sky Pillar.

Of the fast paced action tracks, number 13 (Unity) and 7 (Runaway) are really outstanding. They both are featuring amazing percussion work and a great melody. Runaway is also one of the rare trailer tracks which are using woodwinds as a rhythmical element.

From the slow tracks of the album, the best tracks are in my opinion track number 18 (Vampire Lullaby) and track number 6 (Night Flower). Night Flower is one of those tracks, where you can sit back and enjoy the strong melody. This track is creating a wonderful athmosphere which is supported by the bright choir in the background. Vampire Lullaby is a slow and emotional pianotrack which gets our attention from the first notes, by the way it’s the only piano song from the whole album.

The three tracks which are featuring Monika Emat are as I said before, the highlight of the whole album. Even if in all those 3 songs, the same singer is expressing herself, they couldn’t be more different. The first track called „Asylum“ is a modern mellow hybrid track, which shows the beauty of the human voice with it playfully melody. Track number nine (Step Behind) is propably my favorite vocaltrack from that album, it features a fast rhythmic playing orchestra with a slow and calmed vocal line. Especially the strong contrast between the vocalline and the fast percussion are making it interesting for me. Even if the lyrics haven’t got an actual meaning, they tell you a whole story just with that cheerful vocalline. Wrath of the Universe, is propably the track on the album, which delivers the most athmosphere and epicness. It combines the synthetic elements and the vocal of Monika Emat really well and you can hear the musical background from Christopher Kus is really strong connected with electronic and trance music. Indeed he has been a trance producer before he switched over to Trailermusic. This track is completely different from the others, because the vocals haven’t got such a high priority in the mix, as in the songs before.

Here are so many great tracks on Uncharted but it has also some tracks which I don’t really like. But that may just be my personal opinion, but for example the track The King is Back is starting with a promising string section, at 15 seconds the melody is getting introduced wich is been played by the brass section. But over the whole song the the brass is playing exactly the same melody, without any variations, wich makes it atleast for me a little bit boring. Eventhough the overall opinion of this track in the comments of the legendary YT-Channel RoqueOfAvatar is really great. So again, this is just my personal opinion of this track!

All in all Uncharted is a really cool album with some fresh songs in it. But as you should always do with music  reviews, don’t relie upon the opinion of a single person, listen to the music yourself!

You’ll find Synthphonia on their website, on Soundcloud, Facebook and on Twitter.

Posted by Fabian Bork

Based in Berlin. Founder and composer at Dreammaker Music. Right hand at Composers for Relief.

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