When we interviewed Kevin Mantey almost one year ago we didn’t expect having to add him to our composer’s list that soon. It proofs how anyone can learn to compose music without playing an instrument or knowing the basics of music theory as you will read at the end of this post. As in any other subject all you need is to be passionate about something and having a good teacher.

Being a supporter of epic music for so many years now, Kevin Mantey, better known as park0urfreak, co-founder of Trailer Music World, composed his first own piece of epic music.

After promoting this music for so many years, I started to make music myself. This one is my first composition ever and it’s called Magnetia. I know there is still much to learn and improve, but i hope you like it!

If you ask yourself now how Kevin Mantey learnt to compose music without proper knowledge about instruments or music theory, here’s the answer: ReallySlowMotion‘s composer Crian announced on his Facebook page he helped Kevin Mantey out doing his first steps.

We we’re skyping and talking a lot and I tried to teach him the basics of music and music production as he wished to make music one day, too, like his big idols, but he unfortunately was not able to do as he never learned playing instrument or music theory in detail.
He was working on that track and on his abilities really patiently and concentrated for a long time.
I am really, really proud of him now.
THIS is how to make dreams come true, my friends!

The artwork is also Kevin Mantey’s own work and you find it here on our server. You can download it via right-click and save-as.

Magnetia being his first composition ever he would definitely appreciate any feedback! You can purchase Magnetia via Bandcamp. You’ll find Kevin Mantey now also on soundcloud and Facebook.

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Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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