Do you guys still remember Adam Gubman? We only featured him once on our website being responsible for the horror Trailer Music album Dark Matter by switch [more news about switch are on the way!]. Being already a bigger name in the composing szene for games and having done a bunch of commercial titles, he proved now that he is also able to reinvent Hans Zimmer’s, Klaus Badelt’s and Lisa Gerrard’s sound in a new orchestration of Now We Are Free. Performed by Violin Virtuosa Taylor Davis it becomes a non-vocal version more cheerful and uplifting than the original track performed by Lisa Gerrard. Still being massively emotional it is not anymore the teardropping, goose bumps evoking sound most of us know from Gladiator‘s ending sequence (for all you guys who don’t know the original or just want to compare it again to the new Gubmansche Davis version it is attached at the end).

Not attached anymore to the heavy Hollywood sound it sometimes even feels as if it fits the topic more. It’s more about being free in a merry way. Still the original version remains a masterpiece of film music history. As you maybe notice I’m a bit confused according to the fact that one of my absolute favorites actually got serious competition by a cover version. You should never compare an original to a cover but this time the cover withstands it. Therefore it is a confusing experience and I can’t stop listening to both of the tracks these days – one after another of course… Maybe it’s also because I kinda like Taylor replacing Russel Crowe in the field – but that’s another story.

This being only one track on “Legendary Movie Scores” he points out that “probably his favorite track” of the entire album is the cover version of John William‘s Hedwig’s Theme – produced, orchestrated, arranged and mixed by himself:


If you wanna know how Adam and Taylor actually met you better stay tuned since we’re soon aloud to talk about it! For now let’s end this with a quote of Adam about the working process:

I love orchestrating and arranging. It helps to keep me humble, and I welcome the challenge!

Everything in the video has been filmed by FifGen Films. Taylor Davis’ album “Legendary Movie Scores” has been published at the end of July already and you can get it on Amazon and ITunes and on Taylor Davis’ website. You find Adam Gubman on his websiteTwitter, Facebook and his website. Taylor Davis you find on Facebook, Twitter and her website

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Juan Iglesias

Nice work. I’ve heard a lot of covers of Now We Are Free but this one works particularly well. The arrangement is exciting.