The trailer for “One Chance” using Jochem Weierink’s We Where Kings shows how you only have to believe in yourself to become whatever you always dreamt of, either an opera singer – or a composer for trailer music:

I’m really grateful for having the opportunity to do everyday what I love most: making music!

To be precise being confident in your own skills is of course not the only thing you need to do. Many years of training of course will raise the probability to get into the field you always wanted to enter: Receiving a Master Degree in “Composition for the Media” coming along with a BMIM Talent Award nomination was only one step young composer Jochem Weierink had to take until in September 2012 he finally started working for “Boomerang” – one of the oldest companies in the Trailer Music business. It really is tough to find any specific infos about Boomerang in the web but within the last years there were always small hints popping out how successful they really are. Assassin’s Creed 2 is one example and as we have heard their cues have also been featured within the last 14 years in blockbusters like Thor, World War Z and Harry Potter.


I love composing trailer music, because there are very few boundaries. For example there isn’t a director you are working for, which means I don’t have to compromise in musical choices and can write just the way I like! I can write in every genre within the trailer-music style that I like, so if one day I’m more in the mood for writing a “fantasy” cue than a “action” cue, I can do so!

According to a long list of tracks in the style of film scores he told us that he would also love to expand his experience in this field:

It’s the film-music what inspired me to compose and to pursue a career as a composer. Even though I’m spending most of my time composing trailer cues I still work on film and animation projects [see show reel below from 3:54 on]! I would love to do more of this!

Via an internship in New York Jochem Weierink also gained a lot of experience about composing for commercials, completing an impressive show reel which will end our introduction to his work. Before that you’ll find him speaking about the difference between scoring commercials and Trailer Music. Make sure to follow Jochem Weierink’s news in the web on soundcloud, his website and facebook!

Scoring commercials is different in many ways because you’re scoring to pictures. The music has to fit the image, but even more important it has to translate the product’s or company’s image to a feeling/mood. So it’s not about making an awesome track, the most genius music could ruin an ad campaign if it’s not translating the right feelings to the audience! Trailer-music is somewhat more like creating awesome tracks who have to find their way to a fitting trailer! Also in that business it has to fit the picture and translate the right feelings, but the “order” is different: the music is first, than the video gets edited on the music!

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