This morning at 5am CEST the Season 3 League of Legends Finals kicked of. Over 1 million people in Europe and North America  (even more uncounted people were watching it in bars and in Korea and China as well) joined via streaming platforms like Azubu, Twitch or YouTube, to watch the final games with a prizemoney of 1mil $ for the first place between SK Telecom T1 from Korea and the chinese Powerhouse Royal Club Huang Zhu.

And as the game with highest amount of players worldwide Riot wanted to land a big hit with the opening ceremony. Last year they already went big with an astonishing live performance of a big orchestra combined with awesome choir you can check out here.  But this year they just followed the motto “big is better” and as I told you in the title: Riot never disappoints in opening ceremonies. The outcome is an amazing piece of art with a wild but powerful mixture of orchestral music, Breakbeat and Hard Rock featuring some of the best artist. The amazing violincellist Tina Guo, Combichrist’s drummer Joe Letz, with another very interesting visual look Limp Bizkit’s guitarist Wes Borland, the american producer and DJ duo The Crystal Method (they also made the music for Bones), the Hollywood Scoring Orchestra who already recorded the music for Riot’s new cinematic trailer and many more they all took part here. Arranged by Riot’s “in-house” composer Christian “Praeco” Linke and his team. But for now I’ve said enough just click the video and enjoy it!

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