Almost one year ago ReallySlowMotion (RSM) announced the release of their first album Cosmogeny for 2013.  Back then a totally new company for Music and Sound Design for Motion Picture, there couldn’t be much more that can happen to a new company – in a positive way! Loads of tracks have been licensed and especially one track was everywhere: Attila Áts’ Shredder (please could anyone help us counting the placements?). The list of ReallySlowMotions composers includes nowadays among others Blake “Blakus” Robinson, Michael MaasVivien Chebbah, Valentin Boomes and Iván Torrent as well as Mervin MathewOliver CoddThomas VoJasper Blunk – and Instrumental Core!

Yes! This month both sides announced that ReallySlowMotion and Istrumental Core aka Piotr Adamski will join forces. Instrumental Core will not only be welcome as a new composer but also “due to his quality as a producer.” As Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro, Owner and Creative Director at ReallySlowMotion told us also, the first album of their collaboration shall be released around Christmas already – more news to come next month!


Spooky cover of ReallySlowMotion’s horror Halloween album “Tenebris”

For now there will be ReallySlowMotion’s horror release Tenebris on Halloween: Composed by Audio Android and produced by RSM. The disturbing cover you see on the right has been designed by Ryo Ishido.

Make sure to follow ReallySlowMotion on their Website, on Soundcloud on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Instrumental Core you find on Facebook, TwitterYoutube and Soundcloud.

Enjoy now at last two videos to see and listen what this is all about. The first video is ReallySlowMotion’s promo trailer for their Sound Design Album Eject edited by Rain Ventsel

…and the second is Instrumental Core’s latest upload Shatter The Clouds:

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