This is a review of the trailer album Dream Cinema by Larry Groupé.

Dream Cinema is the follow up to the excellent 2010 album Excelsius. In Dream Cinema, Larry’s inspiration are his dreams and within this music he explores both dreams and reality. Larry tells stories through his music and Dream Cinema is no exception. From the epic opening cue ‘There Are Heroes Among Us’ until the end, there’s so much variety. This is not your typical epic trailer album everyone seems to release these days. As a big fan of trailer music, I was expecting more of the kind we keep hearing these days, but no, Dream Cinema is special. Sure, there are some terrific epic trailer cues like ‘The Ultimate Cause’, but then there are Spanish guitar in ‘Corazon De Sevilla’ and uplifting piano and somber beautiful strings in ‘Fall Onto Grace’.

What I really enjoyed about this album is that it has the feeling of an epic and uplifting trailer album, but there’s so much more and you can’t guess what comes next, but it’s all part of a great journey that is shared through Larry’s vision and music, and yourself. I am really dumbfounded by the fact that there isn’t a lot more hype around this album, and by delaying its review, I’m part of the problem, but I hope that this review will help in getting more people to buy this excellent album.

So Larry, whenever you want to take a journey, I hope I’m invited, because Dream Cinema is a terrific album from start to finish. I sincerely hope that the directors of your future films allow you to write music such as this, nothing would please me more. Dream Cinema is indeed very special and it has managed the feat only a few scores have managed before it, getting the absolute top score. So kids, put this on top of your shopping list, it’s up there with the best albums of the year.


1. There Are Heroes Among Us
2. Corazon De Sevilla
3. The Ultimate Cause
4. Fall Onto Grace
5. Sacred Calling
6. Voyage Of The Damned
7. Elegance In Bloom
8. Judgment Suite
9. City Of Hope
10. Prodigal Son
11. The Way Of The West
13. Be Thou My Vision
14. Where Dreams Will Be Made
15. Benedictum
16. Reverence



You can purchase Larry Groupé’s “Dream Cinema” on Amazon (CD|MP3), on ITunes and the Imperativa Store. You can listen to an album medley here and listen to the entire album on spotify. You find more about Larry Groupé and his work for Immediate Music on his website.

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The Ultimate Cause sounds like it was ripped off of Lord of the Rings…


Does the sound crackling issue that mars the beautiful “City of Hope” track in the digital download also exist on the cd?