You can finally purchase Full Tilt‘s END GAME trailer music collection!

Wanna purchase it straight away? Great, you find the links at this article’s bottom on top of the full size album cover!

Not impressed and don’t know what the fuss is all about? Then we’re pretty happy to have gathered some infos about the album as well as an upcoming industry release by Full Tilt!

Reason #1: The sound

Reason #2: The tracks

The album includes 15 tracks. Well that is not an outstanding fact but more interesting is that several of these have been featured in trailers for “Ender’s Game“, “Oz: The Great and Powerful“, “Saint’s Row IV” and many more.

Reason #3: The composers

The album has already been released in 2012. No reason to be excited because it’s already old and moldy? No way! This album has been released now to fulfil the fans’ great wish to have Full Tilt’s latest album on their digital devices. This leads us to the next question: Why is this the latest album when it has already been released in 2012? Full Tilt had been part of Groove Addicts before GA had been sold to Warner/Chappell Production Music in 2010. The two masterminds behind Full Tilt, the two composers Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen, (entirely responsible for writing, recording and mastering their albums including END GAME) then established their new company Ninja Tracks mid of last year.  From there on Full Tilt has been produced by Non-Stop TrailersWarner/Chappell‘s Trailer Music division.

Reason #4: The second

It is already Full Tilt’s second public release after “Saga” hit the online stores about half a year ago. You can purchase the 25 tracks strong Best Of album on Amazon and ITunes. It was based on track suggestions of Full Tilt’s fans.

Reason #5: The possibility

The fifth reason leads to something we all really like: new Trailer Music! For now it will only be for the industry insiders though. But as seen with END GAME now it seems that all of you have to simply cross your fingers from there on every day and night and never stop sending them emails (see below) to get it published once you were blown away by the first tracks in the trailers! Here’s now what Non-Stop’s Trailer Music “guru” Sean Johnson (believe it or not, this is his official title at Warner/Chappell Production Music) told us about everything going on at Full Tilt these days:

Full Tilt is continuing on with new composers and producers picking up where Ninja Tracks left off.  While we have the greatest respect for Ninja Tracks and wish them all the best with their new endeavor, I have every confidence the next industry release from Full Tilt, which we have been producing, will live up to its reputation. In fact, I have been intimately involved with this upcoming album and look forward to sharing more about it in the coming weeks. It’s gonna be EPIC.  Stay tuned!

You can download the album now finally on Itunes & Amazon and contact Sean Johnson any time for more information via email or phone: (818) 238-6207. You can follow Warner/Chappell Production Music on Twitter and Facebook. Non-Stop Trailers you also find on Facebook and Twitter.

Last but not least check the album cover!

Full Tilt END GAME

END GAME’s track list:

1. Outlander
2. Rebirth
3. Call To Arms
4. Ascendance
5. Grinder House
6. Rapture
7. Mark And Execute
8. Risen
9. Melting Point
10. September
11. The Game
12. Flashpoint
13. Heroes Will Rise
14. Eclipse
15. The Bridge

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