October has come to an end, so it’s time to take a look at the past month’s most noteworthy trailers. Let’s find out which trailers have proven to be successful.

The following list is sorted chronologically.


Trailer Music Placement #1: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug feat. “Dawn”, “Land of Shadows” & “Destiny Awaits”

October has started off really well for audiomachine with two huge placements. The first one is for the upcoming blockbuster The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug featuring “Land of Shadows” from Helios and a brand new custom track called “Destiny Awaits”. At the beginning of the trailer Ninja Tracks’ “Dawn” was used. audiomachine has also released all music from the trailer for purchasing on iTunes!

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Official Main Trailer [HD]


Trailer Music Placement #2: Destiny feat. Mark Petrie’s “Godspeed”

The second one isn’t only a great placement for audiomachine, but for Mark Petrie as well, whose track “Godspeed” from ORIGINS was prominently used in the gameplay trailer for Bungie’s online shooter Destiny.


Trailer Music Placement #3: Thor: The Dark World feat. Danny Cocke’s “The Guardians”

MARVEL has also released more spots for the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World. The second TV Spot is featuring Danny Cocke‘s “The Guardians” from album “Verge of Total Chaos”, while in the fourth TV Spot audiomachine’s “Destroyer” composed by Kevin Rix from the album ORIGINS was used. In the “Witness The Return” – TV Spot you can hear Jack Trammell‘s “Crimson Shade” from his latest album “The Fallout”.

Marvel's Thor: The Dark World – TV Spot 2


Trailer Music Placement #4: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit feat. “Ringleader” & “Vengeance”

For Tom Clancy’s fans the beginning of October was very sad, the globally acclaimed author has passed away. The next day Paramount published a trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which is based on the character created by Tom Clancy. The trailer is featuring “Ringleader” composed by John Samuel Hanson from the newly established company Confidential Music. Zack Hemsey‘s track “Vengeance” was used in the ending of the trailer.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Trailer


Trailer Music Placement #5: F1 2013 feat. Thomas Bergersen’s “Love & Loss”

Two Steps From Hell‘s “Special Unit” and “Massive Outbreak” from album “Solaris” wholly composed by Alex Pfeffer were used in Ender’s Game – “Building Ender’s World” Featurette, while Thomas Bergersen’s “Black Blade” gave an epic ending for Call of Duty: Ghosts – Squads Trailer, as well his piece “Love & Loss” was fully used in the launch trailer for F1 2013.

F1 2013 Launch Trailer


Trailer Music Placement #6: The Monuments Men feat. “Stand Tall” & “New Horizon”

Highlight of the past month was also a trailer for George Clooney’s upcoming movie The Monuments Men. “Stand Tall“, older track by Epic Score, was used in the first half of the trailer, while Ninja Tracks’ cue “New Horizon” from Revolution Genesis starts at 1:15 and goes till the end.

The Monuments Men Official Trailer #2 (HD) George Clooney, Matt Damon


Trailer Music Placement #7: Ryse: Son of Rome feat. Phantom Power’s “Battle Ground”

It was also a good month for Phantom Power. “Battle Ground” from their latest industry release Hostile Takeover has been used in the Crytek’s upcoming action-adventure video game Ryse: Son of Rome. Just see for yourself how good CryENGINE is fueled with the sound of epic music!

Ryse: Son of Rome — Story Trailer


Trailer Music Placement #8: Tarzan feat. “The Fury” & “Guardians at the Gate”

In the latter half of October trailer for Tarzan was released, which has nothing to do with the Disney film. The only reason why I’m mentioning it,is because it has been a while since we’ve heard X-Ray Dog and audiomachine in one trailer. X-Ray Dog’s rock orchestral piece “The Fury” from Beast Break starts at 0:43 and is immediately followed by an audiomachine’s “Guardians at the Gate”. Let this serve as an example that everything gets better with epic music.

Tarzan 3D Official Full-Length Trailer (2013) – Kellan Lutz Movie HD


Trailer Music Placement #9: Batman: Arkham Origins feat. J. Sponsler, T. Gire and J. Lynch’s “Legion”

Batman: Arkham Origins is out and this time our masked vigilante must face ruthless crime lord Black Mask. The launch trailer featuring “Legion” composed by John Sponsler, Tom Gire and Josh Lynch from Brand X Music perfectly captures the tone and themes behind the game.

Batman: Arkham Origins — Launch Trailer


Trailer Music Placement #10: Captain America: The Winter Soldier feat. K. Cohen & M. D. Nielsen’s “Pretender (WINTER MIX)”

The end of the month was very rewarding for Ninja Tracks. Their track “Pretender (WINTER MIX)” has been used in the first trailer for the second installment of Captain America.

Captain America The Winter Soldier trailer UK — Official Marvel | HD


Trailer Music Placement #11: 47 Ronin feat. K. Cohen & M. D. Nielsen’s “Cloud Pusher”

And on top of that, “Cloud Pusher” from the latest industry release Revolution Dominion, was used in the second trailer of Keanu Reeves’ upcoming movie 47 Ronin!

47 Ronin Official Trailer #2 (HD) Keanu Reeves


And that would be it ladies and gentlemen. If you haven’t had enough I also recommend you to watch Battlefield 4 – Story Trailer which ironically doesn’t tell much about the story, but it’s still worth a watch. You might also like the launch trailer for Beyond: Two Souls featuring the Main Theme from the game composed by Lorne Balfe. Have I forgot to mention something in this overview, what was your favourite trailer this October? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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