In this year’s April, we had the chance to meet the president, co-founder and composer of Immediate Music: Yoav Goren. In 2013 Immediate Music can celebrate its 20th anniversary. As Yoav Goren told us this will be celebrated by “working our asses off” to bring its fans even more of its outstanding music. This shall finally include a huge live tour in 2014 Trailer Music fans have been waiting for for so long.

We are pretty excited being finally able to share the over 20 minute long interview with you consisting of video material of almost 2 hours conversation, several Trailer Music placements and parts from their past live performances. Again this year Immediate Music has been responsible for music featured in movies like The Wolverine, Rush, 47 Ronin, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Oblivion, epic(!), Neighbors, After Earth and many more including also features in game trailers as in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Destiny. You can check out the trailers featuring Immediate Music’s tracks on their website.

This interview shall not only be for already insiders who want to know more about Trailer Music. It shall all the more help Trailer Music as well as Epic Music to become more popular and well known and to help the process of getting news and info about Trailer Music in general – starting with questions like “What is Trailer Music?” – who else then Yoav Goren could explain this best? But it also includes answers like why one album’s cover model has only four fingers, what Immediate Music’s weirdest Trailer Music placement was, how many people actually work at Immediate Music, why the name “Immediate Music” has been chosen, several tips for up and coming composers, what his Epic Rock band “Globus” means to him and many more.

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How to add subtitles in your language to the interview on Youtube

To spread the word as much as possible we are really happy to provide you with subtitles in French, German, English and Czech so that not only non-natives but also deaf viewers can understand what this is all about. If you think now that you would like to help us out with even more subtitles (e.g. Spanish, Russian or Chinese) please contact us so that we can put them up and reach even more people around the globe. for now we would like to thank again Clothilde Lebrun (Editor-in-Chief at, Leighton Williams (Editor-in-Chief at,  Zbynek Novotný (one of the greatest fans of Trailer Music in the world) and Fabian Bork (young composer who became part of our team afterwards. He will provide you with the latest Tweets from the Soundtrack_Cologne this weekend). We also wanna thank Christian Sirringhaus and Marcel Krüger from Zeitgeister very much for their great help with the camera, Robin Jünkersfeld (student at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg) for his priceless editing as well as of course Yoav Goren for his time and Uwe van Straten (Manager of Yoav Goren and CEO at Imperativa Records distributor in Europe, The Family of Music) for making this possible.

The specific background of our meeting in Essen, Germany, was by the way the Global United FC‘s presentation of its new jersey. Yoav Goren donated his track Journey to Glory to the official presentation as Global United FC and its Global Strikers are responsible for 5.000 professional football matches all of the world to raise funds for local social projects.

Before we come to the interview please make sure to support Immediate Music via purchasing their public releases:

Trailerhead (Amazon (MP3CD), ITunes)
Trailerhead: Saga (Amazon (MP3CD), ITunes)
Trailerhead: Triumph (Amazon (MP3CD), ITunes)
Imperativa Records‘s Online Store


More than 20 questions will be answered in this final cutting. You find them included in the interview’s description on our Youtube channel. Enjoy now our over 20 minute long interview with a living legend of the Trailer Music scene:

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Bob TheWraith Goodwin

Great post guys, cool interview


Epic interview! Really cool! Keep up the good work!


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