In the world of “Epic Trailer Music” writing, it has now become increasingly difficult to differentiate one’s sound from another through the regular use of ostinatos, big percussion hits and full choir backdrops. switch.’s “Supernatural” by composer Nick Murray tries to do something a bit different in this album by adding non-traditional “epic” instruments such as a celeste and vibraphone to add a bit of lightness to the dark brooding nature of the score. One has to wonder when listening to albums such as these if the composer is trying to tell you a story throughout, or if they are solely composing track by track with no audible continuity hoping that one will make it to the big screen. The ratio appears to be 2:1 in this album – for every one track that tries to reinvent the trailer music sound, there are two that suppress it with standard epic writing. That’s not to say the standard tracks are poor; they are not – they satisfy all the necessary requirements for successful trailer music writing, but I would have liked to hear more different approaches from Murray as he did with tracks such as “Swept Away”, “Caspian Gates”, and “The Night Eternal”. A standard trailer music album with slight hints of wonder that will be enjoyed by epic music fans – 7/10.

switch.’s epic fantasy trailer music album “Supernatural” features the 42-piece Capellen String Orchestra conducted by Petr Pololanik. It has been mixed by Jake Jackson and mastered by Erick Labson. The artwork has been designed by Alex Cherry. Supernatural is available to the public for purchase on ITunes and Amazon. For licensing information, please contact switch. You find switch. on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

You can download the track “Legendary” from switch.’s album “Supernatural” for free on soundcloud:

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