“Rise” by Alexandre Guiraud is touted as an epic and aggressive orchestral/rock hybrid album that is comprised of driving guitars, triumphant choral arrangements and “glitch” synth programming.  The album contains tracks that will require a loud sound system to get the full extent of its power and the inclusion of the glitch effect, although a tad overused, does give the score a nice little signature touch by Guiraud.  The album does tend to suffer slightly from constant repetition in formulaic brass hits, choir build-ups and ostinatos; but the score seems to be self aware in this regard and makes up for it with stellar production (kudos to Simeon Harris for his stellar mixing contribution).  Highlights include the epic opening “Rise”, anthemic “We Will Rise”, and the uplifting “Rebirth”.  The “Rise” album will appeal to the modern orchestral-rock score fan, and the sheer power of the tracks mentioned should make converts out of traditionalists as well – 8/10.

You find more info about Alexandre Guiraud on our website, his soundcloud, on Facebook and Twitter. You can licence all tracks from his album “Rise” via Colossal Trailer Music (former Sub Pub Music). Furthermore you can purchase the album via ITunes. It has been mixed and mastered by Simeon Harris who is also responsible for the guitars in it.

To get an idea about how the music works in trailers, check out the album promo video:

Alexandre Guiraud's "Rise" (Album Promo)

You can listen to the entire album “Rise” on soundcloud:

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