Exactly to years back we interviewed Adam Brown, composer at Dual Motion Music, who had just teamed up with sound engineer Milan Adamik to enter the big stage. Back then their biggest success was a Volkswagen spot (which is still on air in Germany!) and now they work for big music companies such as Ninja Tune, Alibi Music and Gothic Storm. So we were really curious about what exactly has happened over the last two years and you can read our little interview with Adam below their latest placement for BBC:

The Secrets of Quantum Physics: Trailer – BBC Four

How are you doing these days? How is your situation?

Dual Motion are doing great thanks! We are busy week in week out and look to stay that way for the foreseeable future too! We have some fantastic relationships with several companies such as Ninja Tune, whom we do a lot of work for. We also work closely with Alibi Music and Gothic Storm [Note: even over Christmas!] on music for motion picture advertising.

What are you working on right now?


Adam Brown from Dual Motion Music looking forward to a bright, purple future.

At the moment we have so much on the go! Its been a challenge fitting it all in but it’s been great fun too of course. We are working on a massive orchestral album at the moment – massive epic brass and strings lots of percussion too. Also we’re focussing on other trailer music for another company – a weird but wonderful hybrid of dance music with cinematic music – for motion picture advertising. It’s been very creative and very exciting! No real boundaries as such either which is always nice.

After the two albums we have a lot more coming up for 2015 so it looks to be an exciting year. We will be recording one album in particular with a full live string section too so that will be great fun – adding real elements into the mix.

What have you learned since December 2012? What was the most important step you had to take?

We have both learnt a lot since December thats for sure! We have learned not to give up and to keep going to matter what the result! Its a tough industry and there is so much competition but the way I see it; we’re being paid to make music which is a privilege but its also a reward for the hard work we have both put in over the years. Its a good moment so far.

What was the biggest struggle you overcame?

I’d say teaming up exclusively with a certain company. That’s one thing I’d never recommend to anyone from a personal point of view anyway. If you’re trying to get music out there, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

What will be very important for you to reach the next level establishing yourself in the music industry?

Meeting the right people. That is key at the moment! Yeah it’s great to have the knowledge and skills but you need to put both in front of the right people…people who are going to give you the big break! Meeting/finding these people is a tough one but I’m constantly researching and meeting with different people in the film, trailer and video game industries and it really helps to meet in person.

What are future projects you already really look forward to?

There’s lots of things at the moment! I’ve just ‘pitched’ for a big upcoming film can’t say which one…but the recognition it has already is fantastic. I’m writing music for Alibi Music, Gothic Storm, Altitude Music and Gargantuan Music – all music for motion picture advertising. And have the upcoming album too which Milan and I are hoping will generate some interest from the big boys in Hollywood.

Anything else you would like to add? 🙂

I’ve been obsessing with film music recently! Listening to it non stop!!
It’s been great fun and now I’ve moved onto video games and trailer music too.

Check out Dual Motion Music on their websiteFacebookTwitter and Soundcloud!

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