UPDATE: The legal case could be resolved! Read more about it here.

After months of research on who was responsible for this, Gothic Storm Music now just posted a status on Facebook highlighting a fundamental issue in the production music industry:

Bad Treatment For Gothic Storm Music And Chris Haigh!!

We thought we had a great success this year getting “Courage Of Nations” by Chris Haigh Music placed on this epic trailer for a big budget IMAX 3D epic Dragon Blade (starring 成龍 Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody and John Cusack , but sadly we learned that the Chinese state-owned film studio and their trailer production company didn’t have a license to use it. AND when they were contacted they said they don’t care.

Imagine the $millions they are making from the way this great music has helped to promote their film and the thousands they are earning from YouTube ad income, and nothing, not even a credit for the writer of the music. And they just don’t care! What do you think about that?!

If this makes you angry, please share the post!

If you are involved in the press, please message us at our Facebook page.

Video link here.

Especially when it comes to international placements in Asian countries you hear way too often about the illegal usage of music or copyright infringement in general.

Additionally it appears that Dragon Blade “is the first movie to receive funds from Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Film and Television Fund, and they were making a big cultural deal out of it” as a composer just told Gothic Storm Music.

So please everyone help make this public via sharing it wherever you can so that this manner of inexcusable theft of intellectual property will hopefully come to an end one day!

If you know anyone being able to help with this specific issue, please contact us and we will directly forward it to Gothic Storm Music.

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