Today the 16th annual Golden Trailer Awards will take place at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. In this context we were contacted recently by Austin Noble, composer and sound designer based in the UK. The reason: He wanted to let us know about one his recent placements.

And what a placement it is!

Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer – “Gotham is Mine”

His track “Event Threshold”, published by Twisted Jukebox, was featured in the Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer “Gotham is Mine” and uses a special Sound Design tool as Austin explains on his blog:

A new Sound Design tool called Kaleidoscope developed by the wonderful 2CAudio was also used for a few of my elements within Event Threshold for the trailer. Kaleidoscope is a really powerful workmans tool and enables you to get really deep into the shaping and developing of new sound in a completely unique way. There is nothing else like it out there to unleash the potential of a raw sound.

Even though the trailer is already from February we thought we definitely have to share this info with you. Aside from that it’s perfect to get excited about today’s Golden Trailer Awards – because “Gotham is Mine”, created by Hammer Creative, is nominated in the category “Best Video Game Trailer“!


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