Have you already seen “Mad Max: Fury Road”? This interview with Junkie XL​ gives you an idea about what it is like to work together with George Miller​, and how the sound for the movie came together.

I knew when I saw the film that we needed to come up with something that is a completely over-the-top rock opera. The wasteland George created and the caricature of the dictator Immortan Joe, the look of the war boys, the cars—it’s so over the top. The music needed to match that. If you see a movie like this, you might think you want to score this movie with a cello and a flute, but you’re not going to get away with it. You need to come up with something bold. So what I started doing first is focus on that one truck that had the crazy drummers in the back, and the guitarist up at the front. I made something for these guys, and that music became broader and almost became the voice of Immortan and the voice of the war boys.

Read the full interview on EW.com.

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