Just like last year we will collect all the short informations about what is happened at the festival in one compact Live Ticker. You can read more about the entire festival here on our site as well as on the festival’s official website. Now let us dive into what’s happening at the Krakow Film Music Festival – or as composer Patrick Doyle once put it: “The Cannes of Film Music”!

01.06.2015, 10:00 CEST: The 8th Krakow Film Music Festival is over! Again we were not the only onces having a fantastic time at Europe’s biggest Film Music Festival and we can’t wait to tell you about everything in more details the next coming days. So keep your eyes open for upcoming articles!

Here are some more impressions from yesterday night:

Waiting for Star Trek live in Concert to begin!

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Welcome to USS Enterprise. #StarTrekLiveInConcert #fmf2015

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8th FMF has come to an end. Thank you for being with us. Live Long and Prosper! #fmf2015 #StarTrekLiveInConcert #startrek

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31.05.2015, 7:15pm CEST:
This afternoon we enjoyed a great score by Bartosz Chajdecki during Bogowie (engl.: gods) live in Concert and got to know a really popular Polish movie at the same time about the story of the first successful Polish heart transplant, performed by Professor Religa in Zabrze. Now we’re off to see Star Trek live in concert; the final concert of the Krakow Film Music Festival.

One of the most emotional moments of the movie. #fmf2015 #BOGOWIE #heart #polishproduction #krakow #krakowfilmmusicfestival #icekrakow

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30.05.2015, 11:30pm CEST:

🙂 #lost #michaelgiacchino #fmf2015 @krakowfilmmusicfestival

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Aaaand it's over 🙂 #gameofthrones #ramindjawadi #fmf2015

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30.05.2015, 2:30pm CEST: After a Meet & Greet with Elliot Goldenthal we’re now about to hear more about yesterday’s Shakespeare concert from Elliot Goldenthal, Julie Taymor, Jocelyn Pook, Stephen Warbeck now – before we’ll head off to the very promising International TV Series Gala!

30.05.2015, 2pm CEST: Some impressions from today!

Meet & Greet with Elliot Goldenthal at the @krakowfilmmusicfestival! #fmf2015

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Dedicated to our #young #audience The Gruffalo! #fmf2015 #kids #ilovefmf #gruffalo

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Elena's dance #FMFYouthOrchestra #fmf2015 #fmf #lorenc

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29.05.2015, 10:00pm CEST: Shakespeare in Concert is really beautiful so far!

Shakespeare in Concert at the @krakowfilmmusicfestival. Really beautiful. #fmf2015

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29.05.2015, 6:00pm CEST:

“History and Film Music” with Ramin Djawadi, Trevor Morris, John Lunn and Jeff Beal.

29.05.2015, 3:40pm CEST: “Agents, Managers, Publicists – common goals & working for composer’s careers” Panel discussion with Maria Giacchino, George Christopoulos, Beth Krakower, Jana Davidoff, Maria Machado, Maggie Rodford and Charley Cullen-Walters hosted by Simon Greenaway.

29.05.2015, 2:20pm CEST: Now at “The Global Scoring Stage” Master Class Daniel Carlin, Shawn LeMone, Matthijs Kieboom, Valerie Dobbelaere and Daria DruzgaƂa discuss the changes in the music industry and recording session through globalisation and new media. More about it later!

29.05.2015, 2:00pm CEST:

Meanwhile Ramin Djawadi leads the rehearsals for tomorrow’s TV Show Gala!

29.05.2015, 12:55pm CEST:

“Recording business in film music industry” Master Class with Richard Guerin (RSG Music Inc), Robert Townson (Varese Sarabande), Shawn LeMone (ASCAP), Doreen Ringer Ross (BMI) and Nick Wollage (award winning sound engineer) hosted by Andy Hill discussing changes in ways of income through streaming and that every artist has to use as many ways as possible to generate income.

29.05.2015, 12:50pm CEST:

Bring it on!

Exciting Master Classes and Shakespeare in Concert today at the Krakow Film Music Festival!

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29.05.2015, 11:30am CEST: Some pictures from yesterday’s “Scoring4Wajda”. Now off to some Master Classes. Stay tuned as more info will follow constantly!


29.05.2015, 11:15am CEST:

#TrevorMorris rehearsal before tomorrow's #InternationalTVSeriesGala #ilovefmf #fmf2015 #krakowfilmmusicfestival #power #concert #filmmusicfestival

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29.05.2015, 10:00am: Our third day at the Krakow Film Music Festival is full of Master Classes before we’ll hear Elliot Goldenthal’s 40 minute Shakespeare suite he composed for the “Shakespeare in Concert” event tonight!

Now preparing some info about yesterday for you.

28.05.2015, 10:30pm: “Scoring4Wajda” was a really nice concert and also you could see that Elliot Goldenthal was really moved when he officially received the first annual Kilar Award. We will tell you more about the whole day tomorrow!

Polish Film Music Gala "Scoring4Wajda"! #filmmusic #krakow

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28.05.2015, 8pm CEST:

"Scoring4Wajda" at the @krakowfilmmusicfestival.

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28.05.2015, 6:30pm CEST: After a nice Meet & Greet with Critical Hit we enjoyed now an insightful conversation about “Bloody Soundtracks & Unconventional Sounds” with the composers Daniel Licht and Atli Övarsson, more info about it will follow as we’re now heading to the “Scoring4Wajda” concert celebrating the Polish recipient of an honorary Oscar in 2000.

28.05.2015, 10am CEST: At the “Composing for Video Games” Panel with Daniel Licht, Trevor Morris, Marcin Przybylowicz and Michael Gluck hosted by gamemusic.pl. An extensive article about it will follow.

28.05.2015, 10am CEST: Our review of the Video Game Show is now online and since yesterday evening it’s finally three of us reporting for you guys.

Here’s an impression from yesterday’s Critical Hit concert:

Last night concert was amazing! #CriticalHit #fmf2015 #videogames #krakow

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Now we’re off to discussion panels about Video Games, “bloody soundtracks” and Polish Film Music before the Polish Film Music Gala “Scoring4Wajda” will let us hear some fantastic cues written for films by the greates Polish directors.

27.05.2015, 3pm CEST: The press conference just finished and we had the chance to interview briefly two members of Critical Hit. Here are some impressions for you (more pictures will follow):

Apart from introducing everyone to the exciting programme that lies ahead of us (you can read more about it here or check the full progamme here) some artists already gave away some interesting insights into their work process. We will share them with you during the next days. For now we’d like to focus on Critical Hit who are perfoming tonight at Kino KijĂłw.Centrum. Here’s the very exciting setlist:


Critical Hit is a Symphonic Rock band covering Video Game tracks live. You can listen to their first albums here on Spotify or here on Youtube:

Michael Gluck (Co-Founder, Executive Producer of Critical Hit) called Critical Hit the “Trans-Siberian Orchestra of Video Games” at the Press Conference. After the Press Conference drummer Kevin Dooley who has been friends with Critical Hit’s arranger Adam Gubman since highschool told us briefly about his favorite games (Street Fighter 2, Clash of Clans) and asking about his favourite piece tonight he told us that “Bowser’s Castle” from Super Mario World will be “really fun to play” for him. Kevin grew up with 8- and 16-bit video games and got recently back into iPhone and Playstation Games – “more than I should” but on the other hand “rehearsal everyday” as he told us jokingly. As Critical Hit is “just getting started” he hopes that Critical Hit will expand soon throughout the world.

Furthermore Aleksander Milwiw-Baron who performed last year the Inception suite live on stage with Hans Zimmer will join Critical Hit as well tonight on the guitar. Usually playing in a Rock Band called “Afromental” he told us what a great but also stressfull experience it was to perform live on stage in front of a big orchestra. Like Kevin he also enjoys playing video games like “Uncharted” (perfomed by Critical Hit as well tonight) on his free weekends and he’s a big fan of Mortal Kombat. Furthermore when we asked about his favorite piece tonight he said that even though he never played World of Warcraft he’s really looking forward to the WoW themes tonight.

Since also Tina Guo spoke super highly about the entire Critical Hit project – leaving alone the great setlist – we’re very excited to tell you soon more about the concert showcasing over 30 years of Video Game Music and to even meet some of you there!

26.05.2015, 11pm CEST:

Hello Krakow!

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