Junkie XL uses drums as his main ingredient and ends up working for the post apocalyptic scenery and relentless action sequences. The softer, more operatic ballad string writing is a nice counter to the harsh percussion. The fierce drumming creates a high level of energy necessary for the film…

…but gets tiresome as a standalone listen. The string writing and heavy percussion are the two divided camps on the album which never end up blending seamlessly.

“Storm Is Coming”, “Brothers In Arms”, “The Chase”, “Many Mothers”

Check out the Final Rating below and let us know your Rating for “Mad Max: Fury Road” by Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL!

Posted by Renan Javier Cabrera

Mexican/Canadian film composer and film music critic working out of Vancouver, BC. Writes short album reviews he shares on his Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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