Before the Champions League final between FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin takes place this coming Saturday in Berlin Immediate released the first two tracks of their upcoming album “Futbol Is Epic!” to the public. Produced by Immediate’s founder and Immediate Music’s co-founder Yoav Goren it consists of cover versions of many European Football teams’ official anthems.

A while ago I had the chance to listen to bigger parts of the whole album and I can tell you: The rest is equally emotional for every football fan out there!

Listen to the two tracks below and read what Immediate has to say about it below the two videos. “Cant Del Barça” is available on iTunesAmazon, Spotify. “Storia Di Un Grande Amore” is available on iTunesAmazonSpotify.

Juventus FC | Storia Di Un Grande Amore | Futbol is Epic! | Immediate

FC Barcelona | Cant Del Barça | Futbol is Epic! | Immediate

Immediate about “Footbol Is Epic!” on Facebook:

We love futbol and we love music so what did we do? We recorded some anthems! In anticipation for this Saturday’s Champion’s League match, we offer Juventus F.C.’s Storia Di Un Grande Amore and FC Barcelona’s Cant Del Barça!

The songs are available at iTunes, Amazon and other download and streaming sites. We’d love your comments and, of course, do share these videos, Like, Follow and Subscribe and watch the game this Saturday, June 6th!

Storia Di Un Grande Amore features Scott Ciscon who has sung on the Globus tracks: Madre Terra [Album: Epicon] and In Memoriam [Album: Break from This World] – Both available at:

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Chellak Androz

I checked again now and it looks like they will only be releasing those two tracks, rather than the whole album… 🙁