Walid Feghali attracted our attention, when trailer music company Really Slow Motion’s label GianTapes Music released its first cover art for the debut album EXITIUM in 2014, already back then we were impressed by his work.

Since GianTapes and Really Slow Motion will soon release their new melodic sound design trailer music album called DNA Vol. 1 and Walid has created a stunning artwork for the release, we definitely wanted to take the chance and introduce him to you.

"DNA Vol. 1" Artwork by Walid Feghali for GianTapes Music. Click on image to see it in full.

“DNA Vol. 1” Artwork by Walid Feghali for GianTapes Music. Click on image to see it in full.

So we are quite happy that Walid made it possible to do a brief interview with him.

Walid Feghali is a 25 years old composer and designer living in Sweden writing music for films, games, trailers and other fields. Additionally he creates concept art and illustrations for the same industry. Right now he is working “on a horror feature film doing concept art and storyboarding.” Apart from these occupations he is a mechanical engineer. About his leasure time he mentioned to go hiking, bushcraft and enjoying nature in general to free his mind and get new inspiration. Summing it up he said: “I just love life!”

Here’s what brought him into the world of trailer music:

Designer and Composer Walid Feghali.

I started talking with some online friends, people who are in the trailer music and filmscoring industry. That lead me to conversing with Really Slow Motion and GianTapes Music and since then I’ve created music and art for them. Good times.

They are great guys. You can always correspond with them about whatever you need or inquire about and they don’t want anything less than Hollywood-standard. This is the most important thing I think about professionalism and creation; to reach the highest standards one can, and always improve. RSM and GA Music truly encourage this and don’t settle for mediocre.

Here you can listen to Walid’s track “The Avatar” written for the trailer music album EXITIUM from ReallySlowMotion’s GianTapes label:

You can find and follow Walid Feghali on his website, on Youtube, Soundcloud and on deviantart. You find more info about Really Slow Motion and GianTapes on their websites ReallySlowMotion.com and GianTapes.com.

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