It is with endless sadness that we say goodbye to the one and only James Horner, who has passed away. To say he is gone breaks my heart. He was, and still is, someone that has changed the world for the better. His music has reached all four corners of the earth and out into the far reaches of space.

James Horner was truly one of the greatest minds to ever write music. His ability to craft and invent was unbelievable. His mastering of emotion was undeniable. Beauty came from his imagination, and went into ours. A film with his music is always better for it, always memorable, and we all have our favourite pieces from him and our favourite scores, each with their own personal brilliance and wonderment.

I was extremely lucky to meet him two months ago, and to hear him talk about his life and his music for a few hours. It was an experience I will treasure forever. It was a beautiful privilege. They say you should never meet your heroes, because they will never live up to your image of them. James Horner exceeded my expectations. He had a warm embrace and a smile that could light up a room. He devoted hours to talking with his fans. He had a solid, real respect for each and every one of us. He made us all feel like he was the one that was waiting in-line to meet us. A gentlemen, a genius and a wonderful human being. He will be fiercely and sorely missed, but his music and his smile will live on forever in every single person that he made cry, cheer, fearful, nostalgic, pensive, filled with utter joy, and stunned with dazzling wonderment.

Thank you James Horner. May you rest in peace.

Goodbye and Godspeed.

12 – Goodbye And Godspeed – James Horner – Deep Impact

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Brendan Steidle

A beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing your memory of meeting him. I never had a chance. He changed so many lives for the better.