Inon Zur, composer of the highly popular video games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas as well as video game classics like Crysis or Prince of Persia, is now about to release the compilation album Age of Sirens on July 30 – featuring a collection of 18 previously unreleased music tracks!

Inon Zur – Age of Sirens (Preview)

We were told that it will reach from styles and genres like epic fantasy, celtic and otherworldly tribal to traditional chamber orchestra as well as experimental soundscapes and modern cinematic. You’ll hear a range of eclectic instrumental and vocal styles, including ethereal vocal performances by Aeralie Brighton (known for her vocals on the ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ score) and Aubrey Ashburn (Dragon Age) as well as the Carmina women’s vocal ensemble, the The Lyris Quartet and a Macedonian Strings Ensemble.

Here’s what Inon, award-winning composer of over 40 video games, as well as multiple TV shows, movies and trailers, had to say about the release:

Age of Sirens is a collection for fans of my past works; You may recognize some of the worlds they were written for but these tracks have not been previously released. I hope you will enjoy these selections and I look forward to sharing new musical journeys in the future.

Inon Zur’s compilation album Age of Sirens will be available on July 30th. You can pre-order Age of Sirens now on iTunes and find the track listing below:

AscensionPrelude (feat. Lyric String Quartet)
Long Time Ago (feat. Aeralie Brighton and Ori Zur)
Alone (feat. Aubrey Ashburn)
Streets of Rome
Where Else
Dooms Day (feat. Aubrey Ashburn)
Bird’s Eye View
Underwood (feat. Aubrey Ashburn)
Sacred (feat. Carmina)
Remember (feat. Lyric String Quartet)
Way to Eternity
Going East
The Call (feat. Aeralie Brighton)
We Were Soldiers
True Life
Epilogue (feat. Macedonia Strings Ensemble)

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