Good news from Gothic Storm!

The legal case about the copyright infringement disclosed by Gothic Storm in late April has now been resolved. Here is what Gothic Storm made recently public on Facebook:

Announcing: Jackie Chan Legal Case Resolved Successfully!

We’re very pleased to tell you that as a direct result of the social media pressure created by fans of Gothic Storm around the world, we were able to persuade the film makers who used Chris Haigh’s music without permission on the “Dragon Blade” trailer to agree to a deal where everyone is now satisfied that it’s been properly licensed and paid for.

Everyone knows how difficult this is to achieve in China so it’s a great victory for our agent for China Kevin Wu at 久升音藝 Ujoysound INC., his legal team and you the fans whose YouTube and Twitter comments helped to make this happen. Credit is also due to the infringing company who apologised, were willing to work out a deal and want to use more Gothic Storm music in the future, but with a license.

Well done everyone!

Thanks everyone for spreading the word about this and congrats to everyone involved in the dispute!

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