Music is a language: Tips from Inon Zur for young artists

In addition to our extensive article on Inon Zur’s new album ‘Age of Sirens’ we wanted to share his thoughts on what he believes is important for young composers to understand about music itself.

Inon recommends every young artists to always keep their eyes and ears open for what is going on around them, and to always be open to new influences. Everything is connected:

In order to be a successful composer, specifically now, you have to be very open to many styles and to learn to appreciate many styles and to understand they are all one. They are all the building blocks that are building the world of music. We have to be very aware of what is the world of music today and to know how to navigate inside.

Trend has a lot to do with it because we are not working in an empty space. Trends are very important because this is part of the language. When I’m speaking to you right now, I’m using idioms and slangs that people 30 or 40 years ago wouldn’t understand, and music first and foremost is a language. It’s a communication [tool]  on an emotional and artistic level. This is what music is. So in order to create the bridge between the project, that being a game, a movie or a TV show, to the audience, first you need to speak to them in a language they will understand. So this is why you have to be very aware about what is going on right now in the world of music so that you will know the language. The content is whatever you choose, but at least use the language that people will understand.

So if you want to break the rules and use music in an unconventional way, you first have to know how it’s usually done:

Sometimes if you choose to be non-communicating, you create almost a provocation with people saying something like: “What was he talking about? What was that all about?“ People are noticing it. So in order to use this technique you have to know the language very well in order to use something that is not within it.

To use this language in the right way collaboration also is a big factor for Inon to be successful:

The first thing when I’ll go and work on a project I’ll want to learn and get know the music supervisor, the producer, the director. I’ll go and visit the company, meet the whole team, talk to them. I really want to hear what they’ve got. They might not have an in-depth background in music but still they understand enough to give me more and more details.

So it is all about collaboration, communication and understanding and I believe that this is also the reason why throughout the years my scores were successful. Many people could write great music but the question is: How could you really bring the music to the level of involvement inside the project? This level of involvement happens only if you are very well connected with everybody who is involved in the project.

You can read more about Inon Zur on his website and on Facebook. You can purchase Age of Sirens on ITunes and Amazon.

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