At this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, also known as Berlinale, I had the chance to see many, many magnificent movies and short films within a short period of time. Half a year later there are two movies that really got stuck in my head, one is Sebastián Silva’s ‘Nasty Baby‘ – and the other is ‘One and Two’ directed by Andrew Droz Palermo.

One & Two Official Trailer #1 (2015) Kiernan Shipka Drama Movie HD

Now that the Soundtrack came out this Friday of course I had to get it as soon as possible because it had such a deep impact on me while and after watching ‘One and Two.’ Together with Autumn Durald‘s fantastic cinematography and Kiernan Shipka‘s as well as Timothée Chalamet‘s acting, a very intense athmosphere was created; always switching between reality and fiction. In short the movie is about two young siblings living a very rural life with their parents cut off from society behind a big wall, and the life behind this wall.

The twist is that both siblings are able to teleport themselves over specific distances. As you can see in the trailer above this article, the parents can’t handle the supernatural skill of their children well. While the movie is on one side about this struggle of living with a supernatural power among the family, for me it is all the more about the longing for change and the will to discover places, as many of us will have experienced it in specific periods of our life.


Nathan Halpern’s Soundtrack for ‘One and Two’ is out since August 28th.

The score and the general sound scape of the movie reminds of Trent Reznor’s and Atticus Ross’ very subtle but constantly captivating ‘Gone Girl’ score. But with pieces like ‘The Lake,’ which can be heard in the beginning of the trailer, composer Nathan Halpern captured as well the beauty of freedom and the amazement of the new and undiscovered while including the melancholic layer of leaving behind the familiar old.

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In the Q&A after the screening at the Film Festival it was obvious that director Andrew Droz Palermo likes to let things remain unexplained. This mystic approach to his projects is also reflected by the soundtrack itself. If you liked the athmosphere in ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Chronicle’ or also Scandinavian cinema in general, I bet you will enjoy the very minimalistic approach of Nathan’s score for ‘One and Two’ as well as the general mood of the movie. I can only recommend watching it.

While ‘One and Two’ is only playing in select theaters in the US so far, you can watch it online via VOD on all the known platforms here. Nathan Halpern’s score you can find on ITunes since August 28th. You can follow updates on the movie via Facebook.

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