On September 25th, Emmy-winner Bear McCreary’s Volume 2 Score for ‘Outlander’ was released.

I recently interviewed Bear about his career, and we discussed thoroughly about his music for ‘Outlander,’ including the creative process behind the series;

I like to think about what the narrative is, because if you think about the narrative themes of ‘Outlander,’ what are they? Love, longing, loss and dedication. These are the words you would put on a blackboard to describe the feeling of the show. So I immediately think of that when I translate it into music. Also ‘The Skye Boat Song’ that I use as the Main Title Theme, was a pre-existing theme. I just heard it and thought ‘there’s something in there that just fits.’

Below is an extended version of the Main Theme for ‘Outlander;’ The Skye Boat Song.

You can read the rest of my fun and enlightening interview with Bear here.

You can also buy the album on Amazon, ITunes, and learn more about it on Bear’s Official Website.

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