Do you remember our Epic Music Bundle 2? If not, you can read about it here. One of the bonuses after reaching specific Total Revenue goals was that one of the composers would compose a specific theme for the bundle.

Polish Composer Patryk Scelina was the one behind the theme and he has recently finished his beautiful tribute to the victims of the Nepalese Earthquake as the Music Bundle had raised funds for the Oxfam Earthquake Relief.

Patryk Scelina – Invisible hero (featuring Roxane Genot)

Here’s what Patryk said about the process behind the Bundle Theme ‘Invisible Hero’:

When I started working on that track I thought I would write very emotional and intimate music. But then I realised that it is supposed to be an Epic Music Bundle theme and that it should be big and powerful. So first I created a main groove on strings and after that I decided to seek for a melody which I actually had deep in my mind from the very beginning.

When I finally found the way of how to combine that emotional melody with the fast and loud groove, I began to with play it. It took me about two months to get to the point of contentment. I was satisfied enough to stop working on the arrangement and I started looking for instrumentalists who could revive my melody. First I thought about violin but I made a few tests with samples and I realised it would be to bright and loud and I was obviously looking for a lower and more intimate sound. So I picked the cello. I asked my fellow composers from Epic Music Vn if they know anyone who would be good enough to help me with the track. They told me to ask Jean-Gabriel Raynaud and he recomended Roxane Genot. I sent my demo to Roxane and fortunately her response was very enthusiastic.

I gave her some instructions regarding the emotions I wanted to achieve and when Roxane sent the first recording I was in the middle of removal to my new appartment. So I was unable to put it on big speakers and listened to it on my laptop with tiny headphones. I remember I was sitting on the floor with the laptop on my knees and literally crying. What she did with that melody was truly amazing to me. I could hear all that sadnes and compation in every single note she played, exactly like I felt while writing that melody for the first time. I hope at least some of listeners can feel that too. This track wouldn’t exist without Roxane Genot’s performance.

You can purchase Patryk Scelina’s theme song ‘Invisible Hero’ via Bandcamp, Amazon and ITunes. You can find out more about Patryk on his website and on Facebook.

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