As expected by many and as hoped for by even more, today Bethesda announced Inon Zur as the official composer of Fallout 4. The award-winning composer who was already responsible for the atmospherical scores of Fallout 3, Fallout 3: Broken Steel and Fallout: New Vegas returns with a very emotion driven score as he told Bethesda’s Global Content Lead Gary Steinman in an interview:

From his first meeting with Audio Director Mark Lampert and Game Director Todd Howard, Zur felt that this game – more than any previous Fallout – is a very personal story. Which is why Zur suggested having the piano play a prominent role in the game’s score, as he felt the piano could capture the more personal nature of Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 – Official Trailer

You can watch Inon play the main theme in the live recording below:

Inon Zur Plays Fallout 4 Theme

Additionally Inon told Gary Steinman how he defines the core of the main theme:

I originally composed the main theme for Fallout 3. We basically use two chords. That’s to reflect the dualism in Fallout: the despair of war – but also the hope for the future. In Fallout we’re always torn between the despair and the darkness and all the dangers that are lurking in the world, and the hope to build a better world.

You can find the full orchestral version of the main theme as well as a second track called “The Last Mariner” in a very insightful article published by Bethesda today. You can read more about Inon Zur and his lately released compilation album “Age of Sirens” here on our website.

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