If you wondered who wrote the beautiful music for the PAX Prime Trailer for Sword Coast Legends, look no further: It’s a custom composition by Sword Coast Legends composer Inon Zur who is also well known for his Fallout or Dragon Age scores.

Sword Coast Legends – PAX Prime 2015 Trailer

In an earlier interview he told us that he “composed a very, very melodic score [for Sword Coast Legends.] This is one of the notions that I understood and tried to transcend from the previous work that we all did, like myself, Jeremy Soule, and other people, and bring it back with some new twist.”

You find a video about his scoring process behind Sword Coast Legends below. An extensive article about him and his compilation album ‘Age of Sirens’ you can find here on our site. The trailer has been produced by Hammer Creative.

Sword Coast Legends – Making Music With Composer Inon Zur

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