Today The Newton Brother’s soundtrack for ‘The Runner’ has been released to the public via Lakeshore Records on ITunes. Directed by Austin Stark it takes place after in the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill. An idealistic but flawed politician (Nicolas Cage) is forced to confront his dysfunctional life after his career is destroyed in a sex scandal. Also stars Sarah Paulson, Connie Nielsen, Wendell Pierce, Bryan Batt and Peter Fonda.

The Runner Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Nicolas Cage Movie HD

The minimalist approach of The Newton Brother’s (Taylor Newton Stewart and Andy Grush) score is really refreshing and feels just as intimate as the two composers wanted it. In a recent interview they told us a bit about their creative process behind the score. As a little excerpt I’d like to showcase one of my absolute favourite tracks not only from the soundtrack but also one of the most moving pieces I’ve heard in a long time; ‘The Oil Spill’. Below you can read what Taylor told us about the salient ticking sound and the guitar theme:

Nicolas Cage’s character is just an ordinary guy who goes through some extraordinary things and he has a good heart. Unfortunately he has some bad tendencies like a lot of other people. He is a little self-destructive in some capacity. Andy came up with this really cool theme on electric guitar and we added some percussion that allowed us to set up some kind of interesting, nice theme for him.

From there when he talked about anything politic or anything to do with the oil spill, we had a clock ticking, and strings swelling up and down. It was a small ensemble, so the whole movie feels very intimate. We have guitars and pianos, plucking and swelling, and this pulsing sound that pushes you through these scenes. We have these sections where Nicolas Cage is crying on the ground for example. Those emotional scenes from a musical side are extremely solo and super soft. Those many elements would blend into each other and it was very minimal at times. It seemed to work really well.

Colin Price, Nicolas Cage’s character, is very much like “We need to get this going, we need to help the people, it needs to happen right now!“There was urgency. That was the main reason behind that ticking sound.

You can find more about The Newton Brothers on IMDb, their websiteFacebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube. ‘The Runner’ soundtrack is available on ITunes from today on.

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