I guess most of you have seen at least parts of the trailer campaign for PAN. Now that the new take on the classic Peter Pan Story will be out worldwide the next weeks, I talked with Pauli Alexander Hausmann, Music Supervisor and Producer at Finland based music production company Epic North Music, about his placement in the international Adventure Trailer. Over the past months Pauli had placements in the trailer campaigns for movies like Pixels, The Last Witch HunterCrimson PeakMaze Runner: The Scorch Trials and Ant-Man.

Pan – Adventure Trailer [HD]

You can hear Pauli’s track from 00:40 onwards in the trailer above. The track is called “Terminal Orbit” and has been licensed for the campaign through Epic North Music’s publisher ReallySlowMotion. It will be available to the public late 2015 on the album “Arcadia”. You can listen to the full track and read what Pauli had to say below:

PAN – Trailer #3 Music (Really Slow Motion & Epic North – Terminal Orbit)

“Terminal Orbit” was a lot of fun to work on! It was also a last-minute addition to the “Arcadia” album and evidently was worth it. As usual, I started writing the track from the beginning, and did a small sound design-ish intro for it. The rise was inspired by the opening titles of Gravity. Then I took some time to come up with a nice melody that had an adventurous but dramatic feel to it. I kept the elements very simple here. I then made it build into a big back-end which is basically just a louder, more aggressive and epic version of the main melody. Later on I added a middle section with a sense of danger and big hits, because I felt the track needed to have a low point emotionally.

When I wrote it, I thought of something that would fit in a scifi adventure film, but it certainly works well in PAN too! I even got to customize some of the hits for the trailer, which was a nice little plus.

The movie is directed by Joe Wright and stars Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard. It will hit the big screens in most countries between October 8th and 23rd. Another TV Spot in the campaign features Sound Design elements from Chris Haigh’s track “Rise Of The Leviathan” available on Colossal Trailer Music’s industry album “Collateral Damage”.

For the latest updates you can like Epic North Music on Facebook, check out their website and follow them on Twitter. You find everything about ReallySlowMotion on their Website, Facebook and Twitter. You can read more about Colossal Trailer Music on their website and Facebook.

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