Following Epic Music Bundle 2 which raised funds for the victims of the Nepalese earthquake you can now get Epic Music Bundle 3 for as little as $2. This time all profits go to Trocaire Refugee Crisis Relief. You can purchase it on

Until January 5th you can get over 130 tracks by Inon Zur, Penka Kouneva, Ninja Tracks, Brand X Music, ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design, The Secession, Epic Music VN and Jonas B. Ingebretsen. With more donations generated more music is unlocked and you can win great prizes too!

I had the pleasure of gathering some of my absolute favourite artists for this, reaching from up-and-coming to long-time established companies and composers. They are responsible for the music in video games such as Fallout 4, Dragon Age II, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell Conviction; the orchestration of the movie scores for Transformers, Elysium, Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End; the music and sound design in trailers and TV spots for Star Wars: Episode VII, Captain America: Civil War, Mad Max: Fury Road, Sicario and many, many more.

The established international NGO Trocaire has been chosen among a variety of NGOs after thoroughly consulting also with Syrians affected by the Syrian Civil War.

To get to know the artists behind the bundle better, here are some examples of their work in random order. Below the artists you also find info about prizes for those who donate most!

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #1: Inon Zur

You might know Inon from his work for film, television and popular videogame franchises such as Fallout, Dragon Age, Disney’s Fantasia, and Prince of Persia. On Epic Music Bundle 3 you will find his compilation album ‘Age of Sirens’. In a recent interview he told us about it that for ‘Age of Sirens’ he has “chosen 18 pieces of music that I’ve written over the last five to eight years. It was important for me to share it with the fans. For me more than anything, this album is a tribute to fans, music fans, computer games fans and score fans, to share with them some pieces that were never played before, never heard before and that I felt that if they like my music they can enjoy it, and I can thank them for being with me and being there for me throughout all these years.”

You can find more info about Inon Zur on his website.

You can listen to previews from ‘Age of Sirens’ below:

Inon Zur – Age of Sirens (Preview)

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #2: Ninja Tracks

If you’ve been to the cinema in the past, you might have heard Ninja Track’s music and sounds in the marketing campaigns for movies such as Avatar, The King’s Speech, X-Men: Wolverine, Captain America, Transformers (1-3), Thor, Tron Legacy, Iron Man 2, 300 or The Dark Knight.

You can find more info about Ninja Tracks on their website.

The opening track of Ninja Track’s compilation album ONE which is included in the Epic Music Bundle was used in the Official Teaser Trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. You can watch the teaser below:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | Official Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #3: Penka Kouneva

Penka has worked for 15 years in Los Angeles on titles grossing $15 billion world-wide. She co-composed the videogame Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands as well as she orchestrated the first three Transformers films with composer Steve Jablonsky. Penka’s cinematic orchestral album ‘The Woman Astronaut” which is included in the Epic Music Bundle, is autobiographical as she told us in a recent interview: “Every piece has a personal memory or emotional experience from my life. I composed it by trying to capture that in music. It is a journey of a self-determined woman, presented in three acts. I made a great effort for each act to have its own emotional scope and sound.”

You can find more info about Penka Kouneva on her website.

You can watch a Making-Of video below:

"The Woman Astronaut" — A Cinematic Orchestral album by Penka Kouneva

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #4: Jonas B. Ingebretsen

Jonas is a Norwegian film composer and independent film director. Best known for winning an Amandus award and his reimagining of the Pokémon 8-bit music. His music has been listened to over 60 million times since 2010. Included in the Epic Music Bundle is Jonas’ album ‘The Musical Journey’. It is based on the works of Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist. Mr. Campbell is best known for his book “The Hero with a thousand faces” where he describes the monomyth circle. The monomyth is a story structure retold in almost every story known to man. The soundtracks written for this album reflects all the stages of the monomyth; A Heroes battles, adventures, sorrows and journeys.

You can find more info about Jonas B. Ingebretsen on his website.

You can listen to Jonas’ Pokemon Battle Theme below (hint: it has something to do with one of the bonuses for the Epic Music Bundle!):

Pokémon Epic! – Pokemon Battle Theme v2 (NEW)

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #5: The Secession aka. Secession Studios

The Secession are a creative music studio based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2012 by composer Greg Dombrowski they create scores for films, trailers, and commercials. You might have heard their music the campaigns for Steve Jobs, Max, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Into the Woods, Maleficent, The Order 1886 or Thor. In the Epic Music Bundle you find The Secession’s latest album release ‘Archangels’.

You can find more info about The Secession on their website.

You can watch the second Official Trailer for Steve Jobs featuring The Secession and Immediate Music’s music in the first half of the trailer:

Steve Jobs – Official Trailer #2 (HD)

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #6: Really Slow Motion

Founded in 2013 by composer/performer Agus González-Lancharro and headquartered in Los Angeles, Really Slow Motion experimented rapid growth into the top Hollywood market. RSM has been featured in over 100 campaigns for top Hollywood blockbusters, Triple A video games and in events such as the Super Bowl and Comic-Con. The latest placements include campaigns to Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars: Episode VII and Zoolander No.2.

You can find more info about Really Slow Motion on their website.

Below you can watch the trailer for Little Boy featuring Really Slow Motion’s track “Suns and Stars” from 0:42-1:02 which is included in Really Slow Motion’s compilation exclusively created for the Epic Music Bundle.

Little Boy Official Trailer (2015) – Emily Watson HD

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #7: Brand X Music

Launched in 2002, Brand X was among the first music libraries specifically designed for the unique needs of movie trailers, television promos and video game trailers. The earliest Brand X pieces were all custom scores for specific movie campaigns, but as time went on, the music became its own project, the tracks their own stories, and the volumes their own art form.

Brand X Music’s album ‘Amalgamate’ showcases tracks from two of Brand X’s most successful epic action albums Illuminate and the darker Incubate. Featuring major motion picture advertising placements for hit tracks such as “Legion”(The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Maleficent and Divergent), “Zero Hour” (also featured in Divergent), “Decimate” (Edge of Tomorrow), “Liberator” (Noah) and “Wake the Dawn” (Jupiter Ascending).

You can find more info about Brand X Music on their website.

You can watch a TV Spot for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire featuring Brand X Music’s track “Legion” below:

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – TV Trailer (Brand X Music – Legion)

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #8: EpicMusicVN

The next bonus in the bundle will be a compilation of some of EpicMusicVN greatest hits. With almost 300.000 subscribers on Youtube EpicMusicVn is the biggest promoter of Epic Music worldwide. With 5 albums to date, EpicMusicVn has come a long way from being just a promoter though.

You can find out more about EpicMusicVN on their website.

You can check out a video Last Reunion’ featured in the compilation that is part of this Epic Music Bundle below: 

Epic Cinematic | Epic Music VN – Last Reunion (Epic Emotional)

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #9: Antti Martikainen

The second bonus unlocked a compilation by Antti Martikainen especially created for this Epic Music Bundle. Antti is an independent composer from Finland. He creates music from a huge range of different styles, ranging from Celtic, medieval, folk and world music to sci-fi, electronic, epic orchestral trailer and metal music. Since 2013, Antti has released six albums and a Celtic trailer music album for Sub Pub Music.

You can find more info about Antti Martikainen on his website.

You can listen to Antti’s track “Throne of the North” which will be part of his bonus compilation in this Epic Music Bundle below: 

Epic Nordic music – Throne of the North

Epic Music Bundle 3 Artist #10: Zone Music – Big Screen Trailers (ZONECH001)

One $2.500 in total funds are raised Bonus 3 will be unlocked: The Best of composer Ed Watkins, ‘Big Screen Trailers’, presented by UK trailer music production company Zone Music (sub-label of Boost Music). Zone Music is an independent music library offering an on-going series of micro-libraries or ‘Zones’ which are genre defined and a mini library within itself. In addition, Zone Plus is a collection of singular, trend reacting albums which complement the ‘zones’. The Zone Plus collection includes several cinematic music albums including Epic Cinematic Trailers1 & 2, Epic Cinematic Scores and Big Screen Heroes.

You can find out more about Zone Music on their official website.

You can listen to “Indomitable Spirit” by Ed Watkin’s, included in Zone Music’s ‘Big Screen Trailers’ compilation, below:

Zone Music – Indomitable Spirit (Epic Heroic Action Drama)

Stay tuned! With more donations raised, more music will be unlocked. Once a bonus is public you will find more info about it in this article.

Prizes for Top-Contributors to Epic Music Bundle 3: 1-on-1 skype chats with Inon Zur and Penka Kouneva + 3 signed CDs

Additionally to all the music included in the bundle, the person who donates most for the bundle will get the chance to skype with Fallout and Dragon Age composer Inon Zur as well as with Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands co-composer Penka Kouneva. Penka was also the orchestrator on Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Transformers 1-3.

The Top 5 Contributors all receive one signed CD of Inon Zur’s “Age of Sirens”, one signed CD of Penka Kouneva’s “The Woman Astronaut” and one signed CD of Brand X Music’s “Amalgamate”.

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