Dear Lord! Sony Picture’s upcoming biblical drama Risen (directed by Kevin Reynolds) will be scored by none other than award-winning Spanish composer Roque Baños, who has created music for movies such as The Machinist (2004), Oldboy (2013), and Evil Dead (2013). Baños, who holds several degrees from both the Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music and the Berklee College of Music, has been awarded fourteen times for his works, including the 2015 Gaudi Award for “Best Original Score” to El Niño (2014).

RISEN – Official Trailer #2 – Now Playing!

Nevertheless, with the setting being ancient Rome, the soundtrack to Risen presents him with some new challenges. It attempts to reflect “what could be heard at that time, like the sand and the wind, the heat at day, the cold at night in a desert, hits from swords and shields, and over all of this, a sound that could give us the sensation of something bigger, a supernatural force”, Baños says. Ancient string and wind instruments are added to the orchestra, giving it a truly biblical sound at times. The soundtrack ranges from haunting and mysterious tracks carried by calm strings and solo singers to action-packed rhythmic passages in 7/8 time signature dominated by taiko drums, hectic strings and menacing brass melodies. The music itself manages to create a very dense atmosphere; it will be exciting to see how well it works with the picture once the movie is released.

Risen will premiere in the US on February 19th. Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton will take the lead roles of two Romans investigating Jesus’ disappearance after his death. You can find more info about composer Roque Baños on his website.

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