Following our June placements recap, let’s have a look at what music was put to good usage in July’s trailers!

‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Music feat. Joe Bauer and 11:28

Benedict Cumberbatch playing an incredibly clever and strange character is not a new thing since BBC’s Sherlock series but Marvel’s Doctor Strange sure looks entertaining. The haunting as well as thrilling usage of Joe Bauer’s Dystopia, published by Hi-Finesse, definitely leaves us to see more soon. You can also hear 11:28‘s Remain, published by Pusher Music.

Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

‘A Monster Calls’ Trailer Music feat. M83

M83‘s music just really seems to be made for emotional trailers. It’s definitely not the first time that one of the many tracks composed by Anthony Gonzalez, , ends up blending perfectly with a blockbuster’s visuals. In the Official Trailer #3 Liam Neeson’s voice has been used in a brilliant way and overall A Monster Calls looks like a great fantasy flick. You can purchase M83’s Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun on the BEFORE THE DAWN HEALS US album.

A MONSTER CALLS Official Trailer #3 (2016) Liam Neeson Fantasy Adventure Movie HD

‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Trailer Music feat. Hannu Honkonen and Wiz Khalifa

One of the many highlights at this year’s Comic-Con was definitely the announcement of The LEGO Batman Movie. The trailer being full of the clever wit you would expect from the creators of the LEGO Movie, it features Hannu Honkonen‘s Ascension from the DRAGON album, published by Epic North Music under Really Slow Motion. You can also hear Wiz Khalifa’s Black And Yellow from his album Rolling Papers.

The LEGO Batman Movie – Comic-Con Trailer [HD]

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‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Trailer Music feat. Twelve Titans Music and Ursine Vulpine

The heroic story of Desmond Doss about how he saved over 70 US soldiers in Okinawa without carrying a weapon during WWII, sure is an inspiring one. Twelve Titans Music‘s Dust And Light (0:02 – 1:13) and Ursine Vulpine‘s Valor (listen here), published by Pusher Music, (1:16 – end) are both put to very good use in the first Official Trailer and so it’s definitely something to look out for the next months.

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Official Trailer – “Believe” – Andrew Garfield

‘The Girl on the Train’ Trailer Music feat. Blitz//Berlin/Kanye West

Tate Taylor’s adaption of Paula Hawkins twisted thriller novel The Girl on the Train, gives you a bit of a mind-bending Gone Girl feeling in its first Official Trailer. It features Blitz//Berlin‘s Surfboard Fire throughout, brilliantly mixed with vocal samples from Kanye West’s Heartless (album: 808s & Heartbreak). The final trailer track was published by Thirdside Music. You can listen to the full song on Youtube.

The Girl on the Train Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Emily Blunt Movie

‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Music feat. Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL and 11:28

After being one very positive aspect of Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman now really got down to business in the official Comic-Con trailer. It’s great to see more from her as well as to hear more of the official Wonder Woman theme (which appeared earlier this year on Hans Zimmer’s and Junkie XL’s Is She With You from the Batman v Superman OST), performed on the official cello by Tina Guo. You can also hear 11:28‘s Within, published by Pusher Music.

WONDER WOMAN Comic-Con Trailer

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‘Snowden’ Trailer Music feat. Danny Cocke and Ursine Vulpine

After Laura Poitras’ great, calm way of documenting Edward Snowden‘s life in her Academy Award winning feature Citizenfour and so the expectations are very high for Oliver Stone’s take on Snowden’s story. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s voice acting is really well done definitely, just like the trailer itself being very gripping. It features Danny Cocke‘s track Unraveling, published by Position Music, as well as Ursine Vulpine‘s rendition of Saint’s Go Marching. 

Snowden Official Comic-Con Trailer (2016) – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movie

‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ Trailer Music feat. Sam Lee and Danny Cocke

In the Official Comic-Con Trailer for Guy Ritchie’s new take on the King Arthur saga, you can hear Sam Lee‘s The Wild Wild Berry as well as custom drums and sound design from Danny Cocke.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Official Comic-Con Trailer [HD]

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‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’ Trailer Music feat. Brick+Mortar/Jimi Hendrix

Vin Diesel is back in his one true role as Xander Cage. As we could expect the first teaser trailer is a firework of coolness. You can hear Brick+Mortar‘s cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child throughout.

xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE Teaser Trailer (2017) Vin Diesel

‘Loving’ Trailer Music feat. Goldmund, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic and Carter Burwell

In the trailer for Jeff Nichols’ at Cannes celebrated moving drama Loving you can hear Keith Kenniff a.k.a. Goldmund’s Turncoat, published by Unseen, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic’s Clocks of Destiny, published by Immediate Music, and Carter Burwell‘s Ride to Death from the official True Grit soundtrack.

LOVING – Official Trailer [HD] – In Theaters November 4

‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Music feat. twenty one pilots, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons and Skrillex & Rick Ross

While the little war between DC fans and reviewers is raging these days, we could enjoy the excellent usage of twenty one pilots Heathens, Sucker for Pain by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons as well as Skrillex & Rick Ross’s Purple Lamborghini in the Official Comic-Con Remix Trailer. All three tracks are available on the Official Soundtrack at Atlantic Records.

Suicide Squad Official Comic-Con Remix Trailer (2016) – Margot Robbie Movie

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‘The Magnificent Seven’ Trailer Music feat. Royal Deluxe and KO The Legend

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, we will soon see The Magnificent Seven, the last work of James Horner following Bernstein’s footsteps and completed by Horner’s long-time collaborator Simon Franglen after Horner’s tragic death last year.  The Official Trailer now looks pretty entertaining featuring Royal Deluxe’s Dangerous from the album BORN FOR THIS, published by Position Music, from 0:31 till the end. The Rap part towards the end is KO The Legend‘s Ready for War from the upcoming Official Soundtrack.


‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Trailer Music feat. Joe Bauer

After the recent release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, fantasy fans can look forward to the soon to another chapter of Rowling’s writing, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. You can hear Joe Bauer’s A Most Unusual Journey REDUX, published by Hi-Finesse in the Comic-Con trailer.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Comic-Con Trailer [HD]

‘Suicide Squad: Special Ops’ Trailer Music feat. Pauli Hausmann and Karri Neenberg

Of course there is also an official Warner Bros. Video Game accompanying the release of Suicide Squad. The hart hitting action trailer features Pauli Hausmann and Karri Neenberg’s Rocksteady throughout. The track was published on Giantapes Music‘ DNA VOL. 2 album under Really Slow Motion.

Suicide Squad – Official Special Ops Game Trailer [HD]

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‘The Accountant’ feat. Ninja Tracks and Radiohead

After Batman v Superman and while working on the next Batman movie, we can see Ben Affleck in another role with superpower-like skills, again blurring the lines between good and bad. The second Official Trailer for The Accountant features Kaveh Cohen & Micheal Nielsen’s (Ninja TracksTaste from 0:40 till 1:10. You can find the track on their album REVOLUTION ZERO. From 1:14 onwards, the trailer is set to Radiohead’s Everything in Its Right Place from Kid A. If you know the title of the first piece featured in the trailer, let us know in the comments!

The Accountant Official Trailer 2 (2016) – Ben Affleck Movie

‘Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV’ Trailer Music feat. Thomas Bergersen and Sons of Pythagoras

With the new Final Fantasy XV game as well as Kingsglaive being released this year, it’s a big one for every FF fan out there. You can hear Thomas Bergersen’s (Two Steps From HellMoving Mountains (iTunes) as well as Sons of PythagorasWinds of Change (listen on Soundcloud) in the Official Trailer for the animated feature that will hit select theatres in the US this week.

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV – Official Trailer

‘Free State of Jones’ Trailer Music feat. Sons of Pythagoras

Again with a thick Southern accent, Mathew McConaughey plays Newt Knight in his rebellion against the Confederate States Army. The Official Trailer for Free State of Jones features a Sons of Pythagoras track with the fitting title Southern Star throughout. You can listen to an extended mix of the track on their official soundcloud.

FREE STATE OF JONES – Official Trailer

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,Only a teaser but a great way to conclude our July recap is definitely the glorious usage of James Michael Dooley’s epic version of Mykola Leontovych’s Carol of the Bells in the first Bad Santa 2 trailer. The track was published by Position Music on their Christmas: Coming Soon album which is available publicly on iTunes.

Bad Santa 2 Official Teaser 1 (2016) – Billy Bob Thornton Movie

This list list was created by Arkady Asuratov, Rain Ventsel and Peter F. Ebbinghaus. We hope you enjoyed our selection. If you feel like we missed something or if you would like to join us for the next edition, please feel free to comment below this article or contact us via email.

Thanks to Alex Castro for helping us with the Wonder Woman trailer placements!

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