If you are into games and shooters in particular, you probably have heard about Verdun which has been released end of last month. Many praise Verdun’s realism so much that they see it as a better war game than Battlefield or Call of Duty. If you have no idea what it is all about – check out the trailer above!

In Verdun’s official PS4 release trailer you can hear Composer Bart Delissen‘s thundering main theme. We were curious about Bart’s approach to the memorable theme and here is what he told us:

composer and arranger Bart Delissen

Composer and Arranger Bart Delissen

“When I compose for media, I always force myself to motivate my musical choices from a design perspective and to have a clear concept of what kind of music a given project needs. The audience of Verdun cares a lot about historic accuracy and realism. The people from M2H and Blackmill Studios said they would like to have quotes from WW1 era military marches in the spawn/win/loose stingers for each nationality.

Most of these marches are very brisk, uplifting pieces of music. They wouldn’t instantly fit the tone and atmosphere of Verdun when used ingame. I transcribed those musical quotes to fit into a heavier, darker symphonic sound, reminiscent of the output from classical composers during the war period, who were all traumatized in some way or another. This concept resulted in a dark, modernistic sound that was very suitable for the trailers as well.”

The music from all three trailers for the WWI shooter has become so popular in the Verdun community that you can now purchase all three tracks on Bart Delissen’s Bandcamp:

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=944208954 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

You can find out more about Dutch composer and arranger Bart Delissen on his official website. The same goes for everything you would like to know about ‘Verdun‘.

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