Immediate Music’s record label Imperativa Records is about to release the epic music album ‘I am Cello‘ next Friday on September 30th. Composed by Dan Cullen and mixed as well as co-produced by Immediate Music’s Emmy award-winning co-founder Yoav Goren, it has been built around Deryn Cullen’s passionate performance on the cello.

Reprisal (Official Music Video – I AM CELLO)

To add some magical epic dust to the album, it also features a choir recorded live in LA. As Deryn and Dan Cullen put it, ‘I am Cello’ “draws from the troubled times engulfing us, painting a musical world of light and dark, weeping over that which divides us and celebrating that which unites us.”

Besides the video above this post, you can listen to Deryn and Dan Cullen’s track Ashes from their upcoming album ‘I am Cello’ below:

Dan Cullen & Deryn Cullen – Ashes [Epic Emotional Cello Score]

About composer-cellist duo Deryn and Dan Cullen

Based in Yorkshire, UK, Cellist Deryn Cullen has focussed on studio recordings over the past 10 years. Her recordings were featured on BBC, Chanel 4, Syfi, several UK and US feature films as well as the Mass Effect video game series. Her husband Dan Cullen on the other hand has penned several film scores and licensed music for film, TV, games and advertising. Currently he composes on a regular basis for the long-established trailer music labels Immediate Music and Liquid Cinema.

Find out more about I AM CELLO on the official website. You can pre-order Deryn and Dan Cullen’s album via iTunes and Google Play. You can pre-order the CD via Heartland Music (USA), Import CDs (USA), WOW HD (Europe) and Grooves Inc. (Europe).

If you’d like to know more about Imperativa Records’ release of Aleksandar Dimitrijevic’s Best Of album DECADE, you can read all about it in our extensive article about his work.

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