Yesterday Impact Soundworks Lead Developer Andrew Aversa announced the release of the new sample library, Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar. Created for Native Instruments Kontakt, the Gypsy Jazz library was studio-recorded in collaboration with a professionally trained, master guitar player on a Selmer-Maccaferri style “D­hole” (or “grande bouche”) built by luthier Adonis Goulielmos and a vintage Stimer­type, single­ coil Kleio 51 model, made by Gabojo.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Performance – Who's That Performer?!

When we spoke with Andrew Aversa about the new library last week he was especially excited about it because he spends a lot of time listening to Gypsy Jazz: “It’s really cool because it has never been done before. The way that rhythms are played in Gypsy Jazz is very different. I love this style of music personally – half the time I have this kind of music on.”

To provide composers with as much versatility as possible, three instrument libraries are included in Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar, available at

You can listen to some demos below and make sure to watch the pretty surprising video above this post:

You can also watch a walkthrough for the demo track Tears below:

Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar, sample library for NI Kontakt (1)

About Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lead

Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Lead  includes two instruments, an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar (clean / DI), ideal for melodic playing in any style but particularly good for jazz, swing, and virtuosic solo playing. ($99)

About Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Rhythm

Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar Rhythm is a large collection of rhythmic chord strums recorded in every key, geared toward gypsy jazz. Includes many chord types (6ths, 7ths, diminished, augmented, etc.) Using this you can build rhythm patterns to accompany your tracks very easily, either using the chord detection algorithm or the built-in pattern sequencer. ($79)

A bundle package for both libraries (including three instruments total) is available for $149.

The degree of sampling depth makes each of these libraries suitable for use in other contexts such as modern jazz, swing, or even pop, and can provide an alternative sound for lead steel or nylon acoustic guitar parts that are played with a pick. The rhythm library is straightforward Gypsy Jazz style and delivers the well­-known upbeat swing rhythm, “la pompe,” in any key and a wide range of chords.

The sample library was developed by the same team that developed the Impact Soundworks Plectra Series Bouzouki and Oud libraries and was produced with the same philosophy of “capturing not just the essential playing techniques of each instrument, but also the noises, imperfections, and nuances that breathe life and expression into a virtual performance.”

“We are big fans of the passionate and free style of Gypsy Jazz, and we wanted to create an instrument that could serve both aficionados and newcomers to the genre,” Andrew Aversa says about the library. “This is our way of honoring the wonderful talent of Django Reinhardt for his contributions to not just Gypsy Jazz but to modern music.”

To purchase Django: Gypsy Jazz Acoustic Guitar, you can visit and you can also send an email to Impact Soundworks for a NFR copy for evaluation.

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