20th Century Fox’s digital-first divison Fox Digital Studio released the teen comedy ‘Mono‘ this summer. While the trailer let’s it appear like your everyday teen comedy (which of course can be a very good thing when it comes to pure entertainment), we’re pretty glad that LA based composer Jermaine Stegall got in contact with us this week.

Just like a teenager is full of hormones and so emotions can change drastically in an instant, Jermaine’s score goes from hardcore party beats to emotional, floating cues within a microsecond (e.g. I Am A Bun and Highschool Presentation). Another example is the suspense cue Don’t Ever Get Mono (beware!), followed by the epic/marching/adventure/everything-will-be-fine cue The Big Game which then goes straight into the badass cue We Dem Cool Kids. While these tracks don’t necessarily need to be directly be connected in the movie itself, these are just very good examples of the score’s large scope.

I recommend everyone to listen to Jermaine Stegall’s Original Motion Picture Score for ‘Mono’ who likes a good portion of variety within a short amount of time. There are also musical moments as in the opening cue Open Big that feel like I haven’t really experienced them anymore since playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 back in the days.

Just like this review, most of the cues are very short and only around one minute long and so you jump from one emotion to another really quickly. I found it to be very entertaining personally and since Jermaine delivered so many different styles in this score, it is no wonder he has already composed music for Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Dimension Films, NBC Universal Television, Anchor Bay Films and CW Television. Jermaine Stegall is definitely a composer all of us should keep an eye on in the future.

To do so, you can visit composer Jermaine Stegall’s official website, like his Facebook page or follow him on Instagram or Twitter. Jermaine’s ‘Mono’ Score is available on iTunes.

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