After winning the Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score) for Mr. Robot, composer Mac Quayle has now published the “Me In 30 Seconds” video which he had prepared for the 68th Creative Arts Emmys.

Once you watch his brilliant take on comparing a composer’s job to a hacker’s one, it’s really not surprising he took home the prestigious award:

Me in 30 seconds: Mac Quayle (Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2016)

Hello, friend. I am a composer. I hack into your subconscious as you watch your television show. First, I identify the emotion of each scene. Next, I choose from my extensive array of virtual instruments and program my musical malware. Then, I upload the music onto the network. Once I do, I’ll own the emotions of everyone who views the show. I am a composer.

The video was shot by Director of Photography Cat Deakins and edited by Nora Gruber.

For Creative Arts submissions, composers enter one episode for consideration. Mac Quayle decided to submit the show’s very first episode “eps1.0_ hellofriend. mov” and you can watch an official extensive snippet below to compare it to Mac Quayle’s video:

Mr. Robot: Extended Sneak Peek – Season 1

TV Channel USA Network quotes Mac Query as follows about this very first scene: “I do have a fondness for the entire opening of episode one. It was the first thing that I wrote, although it was actually the second. The first thing I wrote, Sam [Esmail] said, ‘This is really good, but it’s not working for the scene,’ and so I wrote something else, but ultimately, it was the first thing approved. The scene is so powerful where Elliot is in the coffee shop and we really get this great introduction into his character. That’s when I first wrote what became his theme, and I like how the score sits underneath the dialogue and pushes it a little bit this way, and that way. I’m really partial to that opening scene.” Make sure to read the full interview on USA Network’s blog.

You can listen to a piece from Mac Quayle’s score for Mr. Robot below:

Mac Quayle – Emmy Nominated Score – Mr. Robot "1.0_3-fucksociety.mp3"

Not many composers have granted video insights into their daily life but if you like Mac Quayle’s snippet, you should definitely have a look at Bear McCreary’s A Day In The Life video about his composing routine for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D at the bottom of our extensive article about his vita.

You can find out more about Mac Quayle on his official website as well as on Twitter and Facebook. The Mr. Robot score is available via Lakeshore Records.

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