After releasing the wonderful sample library WOTAN Male Choir, Strezov Sampling has now released the female counterpart in form of the new FRYJA Female Choir library; Graphic and GUI Deisgn by Koke Nunez Gomez. The has been created by Koke Nunez Gomez.

Freyja: Female Choir Trailer

The demos speak louder than any description and thus please enjoy the little magical trip via the playlist below while reading what owner and founder George Strezov focussed on this time:

Freyja is a very special product for us at Strezov Sampling. Not only does it continue our choral series, but it also helped us learn a lot about virtual instruments and choirs. Since we developed Wotan we’ve decided that the next library should further push the limits about choral sampling. We introduced new legato types and further developed the polyphonic true legato that we introduced with Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Exp A. The result is a library that is extremely playable straight out of the box with fantastic options for those of you who want to experiment and go into the depths of the library.

What is the special thing about Freyja? The sound. We always try to capture something new for each of our libraries. We are composers ourselves and know that sometimes a specific sound can push you in a specific direction when writing – and we have often been put in a situation when we desperately need inspiration to meet tight deadlines.

Freyja was inspired by the fantasy genre and is a tribute to all those fantastic film and game soundtracks that feature elvish female choirs. Our specific goal was to create a library that could perform both at the very soft layers and the epic and loud ones.

I do hope that you’ll enjoy everything that’s inside the library!

Strezov Sampling also provided a walkthrough video which you can watch below:

Freyja Official Walkthrough

More info about the FREYJA Female Choir library is available via

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