I bet many of you can’t wait for the belated release of Final Fantasy XV. To ease the wait a little, parts of the original music composed by Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter II) for the new chapter of Square Enix’s wonderful video game franchise, were performed live at Abbey Road last month – concluding with the grand Titan Battle Theme Apocalypsis Noctis.

Yesterday, young Italian composer Alex Moukala, whose music was featured in the promo campaign for summer blockbuster Ben Hur (watch here), published a cover of the Titan Battle theme Apocalypsis Noctis. Alex Moukala augmented the track’s original epicness with strong percussion and massive hits – and it’s really impressive!

Listen to Alex Moukala’s epic cover of ‘Apocalypsis Noctis’ below:

Final Fantasy XV – Apocalypsis Noctis ~ Epic Orchestral Cover | FL Studio Playthrough

Here’s what composer Alex Moukala told us about his Apocalypsis Noctis cover:


Composer Alex Moukala is his natural habitat.

“Truth is, I have the luck of being a professional trailer music composer who works for amazing labels, such as End of Silence and Really Slow Motion. But when I look at my music career ambitions, I have to say the biggest one would be to score a Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy has many special meanings to me, but to make it short, I grew up playing the various chapters of the saga spending countless hours and afternoons truly immersed in those imaginary worlds.

Needless to say, Nobuo Uematsu’s music sparked my interest towards music, which only got bigger with age and led me to embark on the journey of becoming a professional composer. The reason why I’m currently writing Final Fantasy covers like this one is to learn faster.”

Listen to Alex Moukala’s cover of ‘The Landing’ (Final Fantasy VIII) below:

(You can watch the Making-Of on Alex Moukala’s official Youtube channel)

“Dissecting the work of my most favorite composers by ear and rewriting it, proved to be the best exercise for me as a composer”, Alex Moukala pointed out and compared it to “walking on the shoulders of giants.” He hopes that further exercise will teach him “how to be a bit more like them, so that my skills can get good enough to give me even the slightest chance of achieving my dream of working at Square Enix someday. Fingers crossed!”

We will definitely keep our fingers crossed for composer Alex Moukala’s future career and if you do so as well or just want to learn more about the creation of similar tracks, make sure to check out the great tutorials on his Youtube channel. Head over to his Soundcloud channel if you prefer to just listen to his music. If you like what Alex does, support him on Patreon!

To learn more about composing music for trailers, have a look at this Online Course. If you would like to know more about the trailer music in ‘Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV’ have a look at out Trailer Music Placements recap for July. (Image Credit: Square Enix)

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Alex Moukala

Wow, thanks a lot Peter for featuring the cover, and forsharing my story here on this amazing website!
Can’t tell you how excited I am about all of this, hope your readers will enjoy the track as much as you did. 🙂