Recently Trailer Music publisher Position Music has released Jeff Broadbent’s album ‘Time Stands Still‘. With the album’s official concept of being “a bridge between the personal and sublime, the mystical and the epic”, it sure is a different take on trailer music than Jeff Broadbent’s first release under Position Music: Being part of Position Music’s Trailer Ammo series, his album ‘Enemy Below‘ included consistently dark and agressive sound design cues that were already placed in multiple movie campaigns including ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’, ‘Into The Storm’, and ‘The Lazarus Effect’.

Now, after the release of the second album ‘Time Stands Still’ that is not part of any series, Jeff Broadbent took the time to grant some insights into the creative process behind the creation of the new production:

“I really enjoyed composing this album – it was a very creative project for me, and offered a lot of room for musical exploration and sonic experimentation,” he told us. “Emotionally, I wanted to convey a sense of vast beauty and stillness contrasted with the raw and majestic violence of nature, and the essence of silent mystery that pervades it all.”

Focussing on Emotional Sound Design

Opposed to ‘Enemy Below’, “with ‘Time Stands Still’, I wanted to focus more on what I call ’emotional sound design’, which involves using modern sound design techniques, yet emphasizing a more organic and less electronic/processed sound. In addition, the blending of various string section textures, solo cello, sparse piano, and the vocal talents of Asja Kadric helped further the earthy and natural tonal qualities of the album.”

To give you an idea about the album’s overall sound and how greatly the different elements mix and let the album’s style stand out, you can listen to Forgotten But Never Lost below:

Jeff Broadbent And Asja Kadric – Forgotten But Never Lost [Epic Dramatic Music]

“The music tracks in ‘Time Stands Still’ involve a careful blend between subtle, evocative music textures and very powerful epic moments that are necessary for trailer music. Forgotten But Never Lost opens with lush strings, gentle ambient vocals and some soft bowing sound design elements. At 0:50 the music texture shifts, presenting sound design pulses and textures that gradually build. At 1:07 stronger vocals enter, that build into a powerful climax at the end of the track. Structuring the tracks with various sections and builds like this provides trailer music editors with various edit points.”

Focussing on a sonic theme

Regarding the overall musical concept behind the album, Jeff Broadbent mentioned that “with each music track I wanted to focus on a particular sonic theme. Forgotten But Never Lost features Asja’s vocals. Another track titled With Great Trepidation begins with soft, forlorn piano tones, which are a musical thread that provides continuity throughout the different sections of the track. ‘Dreaming Of A Pale Sun‘ contains a lot of solo cello.”

You can find out more about Jeff Broadbent on his official website. ‘Time Stands Still’ is available for licensing via Position Music. You can read more about Jeff Broadbent’s tips for aspiring trailer music composers in our related article.

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