As award-winning trailer editor Paul Cartlich described extensively in his recent column, music and rhythm play an essential role in modern trailers. If you now happen to be amongst those composers who wonder how to get their music placed in Hollywood trailers [just like the artists featured in our monthly trailer music placements recaps], just the right Online Course might have arrived for you: Christian Baczyk, co-founder of trailer music label End of Silence, has released his extensive Online Course ‘The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer’ via young online learning platform Evenant.

About his personal motivation to create the course Christian Baczyk told us that, when he was starting out, it was very difficult for him to find the right approach to the trailer music industry without proper guidance: “I didn’t really know how to produce this very specific kind of music, which sample libraries to use, what musical structure to go for, or which trailer music label I could trust.” He added that “in hindsight I would have been more than happy to have access to any kind of step-by-step guide.

Christian Baczyk now is fortunate to work with prestigious film- and videogame production studios such as Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Ubisoft and Disney. Because it was a long and rocky road, Christian Baczyk’s main reason to create this first of its kind Online Course in collaboration with Evenant, was his will to work against the lack of education in the trailer music industry and to facilitate the first steps of composers being new to the field – so they can have an easier start than he had himself.

What to expect from ‘The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer’

Therefore, to keep the course relevant and with always up-to-date insights, the course will be more and more extended over time. With more content, the price of presently USD 137 (which can be split into 4 monthly payments as well) will increase accordingly in the future. Yet, if you purchase the course today (with a 30 days money back guarantee) you will get lifetime access to the course – including every extra content that will be added later on. Thus it is definitely worth considering to purchase the course as soon as possible if you would like to save some money. You can purchase the course via

If you are still unsure if this is the right course for you, then here are some questions the course promises to answer supporting you on your way to Hollywood:

  • How do I achieve that huge and powerful trailer sound?
  • How do I structure my tracks?
  • How can I get my music placed in Hollywood trailers?
  • How do I get my music published and pitched?
  • How can I create highly licensable tracks that editors want?
  • What equipment and sample libraries do I need?
  • How do I get started?

Also, to learn more about it, you can watch The Samplecast’s latest review embedded below:

The Samplecast show 27 (featuring Aspiring Trailer Music Course review)

The Online Course ‘The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer’ is available via If you would like to know more about Christian Baczyk’s trailer music label End of Silence you can check out the label’s official website.

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