When BBC’s PLANET EARTH appeared on television screens worldwide a decade ago it transformed how viewers saw their planet. Capturing a global audience of over half a billion people it gave an unprecedented view of life on Planet Earth. 10 years on this fascinating subject has been revisited with the use of up-to-date technology allowing the viewer to watch the natural world from even more perspectives. As before, the series is narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

The soundtrack for Planet Earth II will be available on November 11th.

The soundtrack for Planet Earth II will be available on November 11th.

The soundtrack from Hans Zimmer and his team leads with the composer’s powerful theme to the series which reflects nature in all its awesome power. The composition is completed by Jacob Shea and Jasha Klebe from The Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop, a joint venture between Extreme Music and Hans Zimmer’s RCI Global created to build a world-class Zimmer approved TV-focused roster.

The soundtrack will be available next week on November 11th via Silva Screen Records. You can read our extensive soundtrack review the same day. In the meantime, you can hear Hans Zimmer’s beautiful main theme in the official trailer as well as via Spotify:

Planet Earth II: Official Extended Trailer – BBC Earth

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Planet Earth II Tracklisting

1. Planet Earth II Suite
2. The Sloth
3. Home To Dragons
4. Albatross Dance
5. Razor Snakes vs Iguanas
6. Chinstrap Penguins
7. Singing Indri
8. Competing Hummingbirds
9. Life In The Canopy
10. Jungle Weather
11. Night Crawlers
12. World of Bioluminescence
13. Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise
14. Something Worth Protecting
15. Life Without Water
16. Monsoon Deserts/Canyonlands
17. Lions vs Giraffe
18. The Butcher Bird
19. Wild Horses
20. Desert Nightlife/Golden Mole
21. Long-Eared Bat vs Scorpion
22. Early Morning Fog
1. Roof Of The World
2. Peaks of North America
3. The Ibex
4. The Himalayas
5. Flight Over Alps
6. Ice Skating Flamingos
7. Dancing Bears
8. Tenacious Bobcat
9. Garden of Ice
10. Snow Leopards
11. Savage Beauty
12. Nomadic Life
13. Hunting Buffalo Herds
14. The Okavango
15. Carmine Bee Eaters
16. Industrious Insects
17. The Great Migration
18. The Unnatural Habitat
19. Langurs of Jodhpur
20. Temple Gardens
21. Market Thieves
22. Illuminated
23. City Skylines
24. Starlings
25. Toronto Raccoons
26. We Are The Designers
27. Epilogue
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About composer Jacob Shea

Born in San Jose, CA, Jacob Shea graduated from University of California with a degree in Music Composition. He has worked alongside several of Hollywood’s top composers, including Elliot Goldenthal, Steve Jablonsky, Henry Jackman and Hans Zimmer. Jacob was selected as one of six fellows to attend the prestigious Sundance Composers Lab. His work as the Lead Composer at Bleeding Fingers Music has won him two BMI awards for MOUNTAIN MEN and two BMI awards for ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE.

Credits include music programmer for PUBLIC ENEMIES, arranger for MADAGASCAR 2 and DESPICABLE ME, and composer of additional music for Lone Survivor, Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Transformers: The Dark of the Moon and Battleship.  For six seasons, Jacob’s co-composed the critically acclaimed Through the Wormhole, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

About composer Jasha Klebe

Jasha Klebe is a Los Angeles-based film composer known for scoring the Emmy and Academy Award-nominated Netflix documentary, WINTER ON FIRE: UKRAINE’S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.  He is one of the leading composers for Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop located in Santa Monica, California.  Jasha’s music can be heard on numerous primetime television channels including ABC, CBS, MTV, Netflix, Lifetime, A&E, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic, and BBC.

Jasha’s film composing career began with an internship at Remote Control Productions, which led to a writing position with the Oscar® winning composer, Hans Zimmer.  While with Hans, Jasha wrote on such films as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, RUSH, MAN OF STEEL, and several other notable projects.  Over four years, he gained experience working with top artists in the industry, including working with the Grammy Award winning composer, Lorne Balfe on several TV shows and video games.  Jasha was also music arranger for the 84th Academy Awards, as well as keyboard/synthesizer player in the orchestra.

About the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop

Many of you will remember Bleeding Fingers from the international composer contest back then. Founded in 2013, the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop is a joint venture between Extreme Music and Hans Zimmer’s RCI Global, blending the talents of Zimmer-trained composers with the undisputed heavyweights of production music to create original music for film and television productions.

In a quest to build an exceptional team, Bleeding Fingers has created a powerhouse collective, with talent selected for their extraordinary and complimentary skill sets. The team are housed in a state-of-the-art Santa Monica facility with 20 stunning studios designed to nurture their creativity and foster a truly collaborative environment.

Bleeding Fingers has created bespoke music for productions including the BBC’s PLANET EARTH II, NBC’s hit LITTLE BIG SHOTS, History Channel’s MOUNTAIN MEN, sonic branding for Germany’s twenty-four hour news station N24, Discovery’s ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE and National Geographic’s CONTINENT 7: ANTARCTICA.

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