Iliya Zaki’s new single Fire, Save Us is now available in stores for purchase and streaming. You can listen to the track below:

Iliya Zaki – Fire, Save Us (2017) | Dramatic Piano & Orchestra | Epic Music VN

Fire, Save Us is a musical representation of my struggle to find my fire for music after entering an 8-month hiatus from music and social media. 2016 was an unending stream of heart-breaking developments in world news, and the saw the deaths of several friends– some due to suicide. Through my music, I bare my soul and the essence of my realisation that life is truly fragile.

As Singapore’s foremost composer in the epic orchestral and trailer industry, I strive to spread an awareness of the genre within my country. With this release I hope to expand the horizons for Singaporean composers even as we face many obstacles to achieving commercial success– particularly for genres that are relatively unknown to the general public.

The latest epic single: Fire, Save Us also marks the start of a new and similarly titled Fire, Save Us Campaign. Together with Stasha Wong and Singaporean photographer, See Kian Wee, we aim break perspectives and help people see versions of themselves in the stories of others. We want to connect people to a common humanity in hopes of transcending our struggles together. This is the start of empathy– what I believe the world is desperately in need of now more than ever.

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The Fire Save Us Campaign is a collection of stories and portraits of everyday people: snapshots of humanity, woven into a common narrative that underlies all our differences. As we peel away each Subject’s layers of socio-economic context, political values and personal beliefs, we discover a struggle at the core of each story, and reveal an individual who is, fundamentally, not so different from ourselves.

Iliya Zaki told us: “My story will be the first to publish on 15.1.17 at 10:00PM (GMT +08:00). Subsequently, a new Subject’s portrait and story will be featured on the official Fire Save Us campaign page and Facebook page every Friday.”

Visit the Fire Save Us Facebook Page. You can find more info about composer Iliya Zaki on his official website.

You can stream and purchase Iliya Zaki’s track Fire, Save us below:

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