Another day, another trailer music company, some might think these days. But what you also see these days, is not only a growing trend towards more daring creative concepts; but also how the ever-growing competition within the industry has lead to a very high standard in terms of production quality already from new company’s first album on. With so many new players in the market, there’s really no time to lose.

That’s why new trailer music company Evolving Sound from Manchester, UK, has decided to go all-in right from the start and to record their first album with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. See Evolving Sound’s Creative Director Jules Bromley speak about it in the video below:

Introducing Evolving Sound

But since this isn’t enough to leave a mark in the industry by now, Evolving Sound decided to release not one or two, but three albums right from the start. Here are the official album descriptions (listen here):

Recorded in large part with the amazing Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Rapture is a treasure chest of rousing, inspiring and heroic orchestral trailer-tracks. Ranging from moody and understated through emotional and melancholic to rampant and bombastic. 10 composers, combined with some of the best musicians in the world, and one of LA’s leading film-score mixers have delivered 13 tracks of stunning dramatic music. Honed and refined for modern theatrical promotion, but also highly suitable for dramatic TV production and other dynamic media, it features tracks by (among others) Alex Baranowski, Jules Bromley, Nik Amar & Mike Reed, Stephen Baysted, Ian Dolamore, and Stephan Fischer.

From grinding abrasive textures and rhythms, through dark, hypnotically pulsating, mind-bending soundscapes, to distinctly Scandic evolving melodica, Spiked is a journey into modern electronica, trailer-style. Absorbing, sometimes uncomfortable, often beautiful, a collection of forward-looking works of electronic art, which feature the ultra-modern production and sound-design styles of a new breed of trailer-music composer; Michael Maas, Tom Evans, Lex Shellard, Ross Tregenza among others. Sympathetically mastered by the genius that is Robert Vosgien of Capitol Studios these tracks scream to sit with picture.

Featuring powerful, modern orchestral-hybrid and live orchestral material, Regenerate melds edgy percussion and atmospheric synthetic components, with the power and emotion of the orchestra for a distinctive, contemporary set of tracks which explore the darker side of dramatic music. Music comes from some of the hottest young writing talent around, including composers Josh Wynter, Kevin Sargent, Pontus Rufelt and Jonas Grauer. Together they’ve produced a collection of intense hybrid landscapes, from epic to intimate, which are carefully tailored to cinematic and dramatic productions.

All albums feature work by several composers well-known to the industry, whose recent placements include Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Legend of Tarzan, X-Men: Apocalypse and The Walking Dead, as well as major TV, film and video game scores. As Evolving Sound states officially, the tracks are written primarily with theatrical trailers in mind but the material is also highly suitable for TV spots and production, video-game promotion and other dynamic media uses.

Additionaly, Evolving Sound is also introducing a unique online licensing system, which enables users to instantly purchase pre-cleared music, for a wide variety of uses directly from their website.

“Our overriding focus is quality and originality. The trailer-music landscape moves very quickly, so we’re determined to deliver exceptional, forward-looking tracks, by the best writing talent available, recorded and produced to the highest standards” said Jules Bromley, Evolving Sound’s Creative Director.

To conclude on a musical note, please enjoy Evolving Sound’s Featured Track “Immortal Spark” below, recorded in Budapest:

Evolving Sound Featured Track: Immortal Spark

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