After 6 months of work, German composer Simon Rahm ‘s solo album Conquerer has recently been published via Elbroar/Warner Chappell Production Music. For him, it is the first time he enters the realms of hyprid epic music. Before he either composed either completely orchestral or electronic but never merges the two styles. Simon Rahm arranged, orchestrated and produced the album himself while Audio Engineer Gerd Meyer mixed the entire album. To bring the album alive, Simon Rahm collaborated with members of the Essen Philharmonic Orchestra as well as students of the Folkwang University of Arts including cellist Moises Lee Cheon who plays all cello soli on Conquerer.

ER1023 Mary's Song

In the behind-the-scenes video below, Simon Rahm speaks about how music has always been one of his first memories in life and how working as a media composer is now a childhood dream come true. As a pianist, he starts his creative process with improvisation on the piano and is convinced that every piece that works solely on a piano will work everywhere. As soon as he finds his melodies, he starts the orchestration process in his DAW but always works towards bringing in live musicians as early as possible and to create his own sounds rather than relying on sample libraries everyone is using. For him, everything he stands for as an artist now comes together on Conquerer and you can get a very good idea of how that approach is far away from single piano cues but still always remains not only a very powerful but also a rather melodic take on hybrid production music.

Elbroar – Making Of Conqueror – ER1023

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