Christian Henson’s still fairly young YouTube channel has proven already to be one of the best sources for information for anyone breaking into the world of composing for media – but also for freelancers in all other creative fields.

Yesterday, he published a video on one of most crucial but often overlooked parts of making a living as a media composer: How to see yourself as a business man and what decisions you need to make because of it. Somewhat related to the tips he mentioned during last year’s SoundTrack_Cologne, in this video gets deeply into how to make money as a media composer.

You can watch his very detailed 17-minute long video below where he speaks about the following main topics:

  • “If you do not value what you do, people aren’t gonna value it on your behalf.”
  • “Invest in finding your own voice.”
  • “You really need to protect the backend.”
  • “You need to understand where the backend earnings are coming from.”
  • “Don’t shit on your own IMDb page.”
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