Greg Dombrowski aka Secession Studios just released his new cinematic trailer album Annata.

“Annata is my most powerful dramatic and emotional music ever,” Greg Dombrowski says about his new release. “11 cinematic tracks based on ancient sanskrit philosophy guide you across a palette of vast human emotions. Powerful orchestra blending with sound design and synth elements creates a relentless and unique cinematic music experience.”

Listen to a preview of Secession Studios album Annata

My Most Epic / Dramatic / Emotional Album Ever – Annata


There is a good chance Annata will be your next favourite album if you’re ready for a sinister yet extremely powerful musical journey. Annata has the potential to turn seemingly big problems you face in your daily life into insignificant side notes on the way to achieve your most important personal goals. This is why, with all its massive hits, enormous choirs, pulsing synthesizers and fast-paced string arrangements, in the end, it can have a very relaxing effect on you. Somehow, Annata feels like a very intense meditation session.

You can purchase Annata via all digital platforms and listen to four tracks from the album below:

Listen to Naraka (Torment) from Secession Studio’s album Annata below:

Epic & Dramatic Trailer Music – Naraka

Listen to Nitya (Eternal) from Secession Studio’s album Annata below:

Dark Emotional Suspenseful Film Music – Nitya (Eternal)

Listen to Dukkha (Suffering) from Secession Studio’s album Annata below:

Mysterious Psychological Horror Music – Dukkha

Listen to Viriya (Energy) from Secession Studio’s album Annata below:

Most Dramatic & Cinematic Music – Viriya (Energy)

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