Comrade Detective is a six part Amazon miniseries that purports to be a lost Romanian crime procedural from the waning end of the Cold War, starring Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jenny Slate and Nick Offerman – featuring an original score by Joe Kramer (Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible 6).

You can watch the Official Trailer below (who said Voice Overs in trailers are dead?):

COMRADE DETECTIVE Official Trailer (HD) Channing Tatum. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Amazon Series

For composer Joe Kramer, Comrade Detective “offered a unique opportunity to compose new music in the classic style of cop shows and movies from the 1970’s and 80’s.  The bizarro concept of the series meant we had to do everything old-school, with a minimum of artificial sounds (i.e. synthesizers). This necessitated live musicians playing themes and arrangements that sounded authentic but also fresh.” To give the show a proper sense of time and place, the score was recorded with a live orchestra at Synchron Stage Vienna with a Romanian Concertmaster.

In terms of his score’s themes, Joe Kramer mentions that he wrote “a motivic score, with leitmotifs for the major characters, both heroes and villains.  I also incorporated various anthems and signature pieces from various countries around the world, as the story dictated, lending the soundtrack an ironic intelligence that reflected the sensibilities of the director, writers, and producers.  It was a really rewarding experience writing the music for this series, and I anxiously await the opportunity to revisit these strange characters from decades ago.”

Comrade Detective is available for streaming via Amazon Prime.

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